#AskHauterfly: How Do I Build A Lipstick Wardrobe?

#AskHauterfly: How Do I Build A Lipstick Wardrobe?

One question I am regularly asked by beauty novices is how to put together an enviable (and useful!) collection of lipsticks. Building your lipstick wardrobe requires thoughtful planning. Going off on a mindless spree will only result in wasted moolah, barely used lippies and lots of heartache. Lipstick shopping is just like building a wardrobe: it should be a beautiful blend of basics and on-trend stuff. Also, no outfit is complete without a swipe of colour on your lips, so here’s how to go about building your stash.


Christian Dior Rouge Dior In Trafalgar_Hauterfly

Christian Dior Rouge Dior in Trafalgar (Rs 2,508)

Invest in classics

There’s a reason some colours are classic shades. The foundation of a solid lipstick wardrobe is investing in classic colours like brick red (which you can never go wrong with), a blush pink that always works for a brunch date or neutral browns that add just the right amount of colour to your puckers.


Shiseido Lip Color Perfect Rouge Tulip_Hauterfly

Shiseido Lip Color Perfect Rouge Tulip (Rs 1,627)

Find your go-to lipstick

Every woman should have one shade that is her pick-me-up lipstick, regardless of the season or occasion. Find a colour that you feel most confident and comfortable in, and make it your signature.


NYX Macaron Pastel Lippies Lipstick Chambord Black_Hauterfly

NYX Macaron Pastel Lippies Lipstick Chambord Black (Rs 1,571)

Spend wisely on trends

While it’s true that we’re seeing a resurgence of the 90s grunge trend via black and blue lipsticks, how often are you going to wear a shade like that IRL? Once? Twice? It doesn’t make sense splurging on expensive products that you’re not going to use. If you see a new trend and want to try it out, look for lipsticks from affordable drugstore brands so that it won’t pain you if it’s relegated to a corner of your dresser.


Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture #09 Rose Stiletto_Hauterfly

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture #09 Rose Stiletto (Rs 2,407)

Stock up on neutrals

Neutral shades of pink and brown are failsafe colours that you can wear everyday without much thought. When in doubt, pick a sheer nude lippie because it won’t clash with your outfit.

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