#AskHauterfly: How Do I Apply Liquid Lipstick?

IMO, liquid lipsticks are the best thing to have happened to make-up. I love doing make-up but I can’t be bothered to fish out my pocket mirror and check if everything is where it’s supposed to be every hour or so. For a very long time, I avoided lipstick because it would stain, smudge, wear off, or often bleed into my oily skin. Liquid lipsticks seem like the answer to my prayers!

And like I said recently, liquid lipsticks are only going to get bigger in 2016. The reason why I love liquid lipsticks is their formula. These beauties last long — like really long — without fading. But the only bummer is in its application. Now I don’t want to scare ya’ll because it’s not that hard, but it just takes some getting used to. I remember my first time turned out to be quite a messy affair, but I eventually sailed through. I don’t want you to suffer a similar fate, so here’s my guide to nailing the liquid lipstick trend.


Elf Lip Exfoliator_Hauterfly


Elf Lip Exfoliator (Rs 899)

Exfoliate: Liquid lipsticks generally dry to a matte finish, and we all know how unforgiving matte formulas are on dry, chapped lips. Obviously, it makes sense to work with smooth, supple lips. Always start with a good exfoliator; you can either use ones that are available at the local drugstore or make one yourself by mixing honey and sugar in equal parts. Use a soft bristle toothbrush to rub the sugar exfoliator over your lips in gentle circular motions. Sugar will help slough the dead skin while honey moisturises the lips. Do this until your lips are soft (not raw) and wipe off gently with a tissue.


Kiehl's Lip Balm # 1 Mango_Hauterfly

Kiehl’s Lip Balm # 1 Mango (Rs 595)

Moisturise: Use a nourishing lip balm all over your lips and it it sit for a few minutes till it has been absorbed well. You can finish the rest of your make-up in the interim. Before you start working on your lips, wipe off the excess balm by dabbing your lips gently with a tissue.


Colorbar Definer Lip Liner Creamy Nude_Hauterfly

Colorbar Definer Lip Liner in Creamy Nude (Rs 599)

Line: A lot of vloggers will tell you this is unnecessary, but I think lining your lips with a nude lip liner is important when you are a liquid lipstick virgin. Technically, you don’t need a lip liner because the lipstick’s doe-foot applicator acts like one. However, liquid lipstick tends to dry super quick, and if you’re using a dark shade you might stain your skin when you make mistakes. You can skip this step once you get the hang of it, but using a lip liner to create a guideline around your mouth makes life a lot easier.


NYX Cosmetics Soft Matte Lip Cream - Morocco_Hauterfly

NYX Cosmetics Soft Matte Lip Cream in Morocco (Rs 1,090)

Fill: Most people prefer using a lip brush to apply their lipstick, but I just find it cumbersome and ain’t nobody got time for that! Since your lips are lined, you only have to use the doe-foot applicator to fill in the colour. However, you don’t want to load your applicator with product, so wipe off excess product before filling your lips with lipstick. I find it easier to start with filling the centre of my bottom lip and then moving onto the outer corners. While filling the upper lips, start with outlining the cupid’s bow and then move towards the outer corners followed by filling the lips with product.



Dermablend Smooth Liquid Concealer (Rs 1,941)

Clean: If your lips aren’t looking sharp and you spot a few wonky lines, you can clean it up with a full coverage concealer. Dip a flat angled brush in some concealer and go over the edges of your lips blending away from them. This will sharpen your outline and make your lipstick look neat and clean. And ta dah…you’re done!

If you’re still having difficulty doing this well, here’s a video to help you nail liquid lipstick: 

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