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5 DIY Home Remedies To Tackle Frizzy Hair This Monsoon!

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Monsoons bring an essence of romance in the air — dancing in the rain, wind blowing your hair out to perfection. Unfortunately, almost every Bollywood film has a villain, and in our romantic scenario, it’s the humidity.

During the rains, the humidity levels hit the roof, which leaves your hair looking like it just went through a shit-storm and came back — in one very tattered piece.

Frizzy hair in general is a major pain in the neck; add a touch of humidity to it and poof goes your well styled mane!

Even for people with wavy or straight hair, a slight increase in humidity can cause all those baby hairs and split ends to gain some extra weight and poof up.

While you do have your excellent hair serums that will help you keep the frizz at bay, a lot of people would rather go for natural home remedies that will help them equally. And we’ve already given you a few of those here.

But since we’re forever investigating, we found some more DIY home remedies you can try to tame your mane during this season. Here are 5 more home remedies for frizzy hair. Try ’em out and let us know how they worked in the comments below!



Using 2 basic household ingredients to create a serum which you can use post your shower. Consisting of coconut and avocado oil, this serum is perfect to keep your hair intact in case any humidity decides to embrace it. Spritz it on or dab some on with your hands. This works well on wet hair.



Are you someone who likes to indulge in a home spa treatment during the weekends? Well, let us take you through 3 DIY hair masks you can make with all the ingredients in your house.

These masks will not only balance out the frizz in your hair, but will also make it healthier and stronger.

Treat yourself to a spa day (in this case 3 days) of massaging your locks and moisturising them till you banish that frizz.



You usually condition your hair, right? I mean, you have to, if you’ve got really frizzy hair. Don’t you always feel that post a shower, your hair is super smooth, but after a bit, it gives up all hope and goes back to being unmanageable?

This leave-in conditioner basically uses your everyday conditioner, water, and some oil to become this powerful concoction you can use to kill that frizz post your shower.

The leave-in formula nourishes and moisturises your hair, even after a couple of hours!


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