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Mansi’s Skin Is Thanking Her For The Masking Action

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I love masking. My feelings, my pain, my dark soul. Oh, this is not that kind of article. Hehe *smiles awkwardly*. What I mean is, I enjoy masking as a skincare ritual. There’s something very therapeutic about it. Also, the effort required from my end is minimal; I only have to apply it generously and continue my research on ways to waste time. Unlike scrubs where my fingers have to move in circular motions, or a face wash that requires me to actually move. So when Zahra handed me the new L’Oreal masks, I was thrilled for the amount of time this would free up for other pursuits of importance. 


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L’Oréal has been promoting multi-masking (What’s that, you ask? Read about it here.) and being an early adopter, I was onboard. Over the weekend, I slathered on the 3 masks – the exfoliating one, the dexotifying one and the mattifying one – on my face, and hoped for the best.

Inpost- beauty story - haute clay mask - detox

L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Mask Detoxify (Rs. 750)

Of course, I did my in-depth research on what each of these has to accomplish. You’d think that the name was a giveaway, but I have never been one to be satisfied by one word answers. So I turned to Google. Turns out, the exfoliating one is supposed to take off dead skin and refine pores (it’s the red one, let’s call it that for the sake of sanity), which is no surprise because that’s exactly what exfoliation means. The mint green one is the mattifying one, and to be used on the oily zones. Yes, I am a genius. The detoxifying one, the black one, is supposed to pull out all the gunk from your pores and have your skin look squeaky clean. But you knew all this, because the packaging tells you everything but maybe not the colours, so at least that’s brand new information. 

Inpost- beauty story - haute clay mask - Green

L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Mask Purify & Mattify (Rs. 850)

Overall, these masks have proved to be pretty amazing. I used the red one on my cheeks that could use some mattifying action and my pores are pretty basic, so they certainly did need refining. On my T-zone, I used the green one because it’s oily and the black one I used on my chin but that’s because I ran out of face by then. 10 minutes later, the masks were dry (the red one took a tad bit longer to completely dry down) and I washed my face. The red mask does have some grains so when you wash your face, you can feel some scrubbing action but it’s not too intense. The mattifying mask has a really nice, minty scent which I enjoyed.

I took it off to reveal clear, glowing skin. This is the first time that any skincare product has performed this well in such little time, and I must say, I am impressed. My skin is looking like it has had some intense hydrating and cleansing action, so that’s good as well. 

Now if only I can get someone else to do the toning and moisturising bit, I will be sorted. Hmmm *puts up ad in classifieds for personal assistant* 

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