Make-Up Ideas For An Extra Spooky Halloween!

Make-Up Ideas For An Extra Spooky Halloween!

It’s not exactly a holiday we relate with here in India, but we also don’t need an excuse to throw on a crazy costume and have a party, no? Halloween is getting bigger and better in urban India, and we aren’t complaining. However, the success of a great Halloween costume is directly proportional to the number of hours one has poured on researching it online. According to Google, the 20 most searched Halloween costume ideas include Star Wars (obvio!), pirates (Jack Sparrow, anyone?), Harley Quinn (know who that is?) and Batman (cos duh!), followed by cats, minions, Minnie Mouse, witch and Wonder Woman. Once you’ve got your costume sorted, it’s time to do the make-up. Here are five make-up ideas for you to try and ace before D-day on October 31st.

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1. Darth Maul From Star Wars

Darth Vader is definitely intimidating, but we decided to travel the road less taken and picked another frightful character from the Star Wars Series – the ferocious Sith lord Darth Maul. Here’s a more feminine take on his red-blooded look that’s easier on the eye. Also, you don’t need to be really a make-up pro to do this. It’s probably the easiest tutorial for an amateur, IMHO.

2. Undead Pirate

Captain Jack Sparrow too mainstream for you? I urge you to try something different. Venture into the World of the Undead! This tutorial is relatively easy if you have decent make-up skills. The look doesn’t need you to be clean or precise in your application, and honestly you don’t need fancy make-up products either.


3. Vampire

Somehow, villains and anti-heroes provide way better Halloween inspiration than the Superhero characters themselves. This is exactly why I love this super-easy Vampire tutorial. All you need is a great eyeshadow palette, good quality brushes and average blending skills.


4. Harley Quinn

Aide and accomplice to The Joker, Harley Quinn obviously can’t pale in the looks department. Tell you what? This also makes for a great couple’s Halloween costume idea. Don’t forget to get yourself those scary contacts though. You can find some at Beauty Centre outlets. Also, you can switch the plain black lips with ombre lipstick. (PS: Start watching at 1:10!)


5. Poison Ivy

Move over Batman and Joker, Poison Ivy is a far better option. In a sea of Jokers, you will surely stand out as Poison Ivy. I find the colours in this tutorial very mesmerising. I suggest you cover your eyebrows with a strong concealer and pressed powder and really make them stand out in bold red.

So which one’s your favourite?

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