5-Minute Hairstyles For When You’re Late For Work

Hats off to girls who wake up without hitting the snooze button on their alarms every morning. For the rest of us, just getting out of bed in the AM is a Herculean task. Then there’s the entire routine of showering, skincare, make-up and dressing. Don’t get me wrong: I love my skincare and make-up routine but sometimes it’s a real chore when I’m having a lazy morning. Also, having to deal with hair that has a mind of its own is another level of frustrating.

For days like those, I’ve rounded up a couple of hair tutorials that you can try when you’re in a rush to reach work on time but don’t want a basic hairdo either. Most of them are easy-peasy styles that you can do with your eyes closed, and there are enough to see you through the week. Watch it, try it, and share the goodness!


These hairstyles can actually be done in under five minutes. All you need are bobby pins, hair-ties and a hair doughnut. You can also use a bumpit instead of teasing your hair in the first style. Personally, I’m not a fan of the second look, but there’s no reason why you can’t do an upside down ponytail or the topsy tail instead (see the tutorial below).


This is the easiest way to elevate a basic ponytail in under 30 seconds. You can either position the ponytail at the nape of your neck or tie it on the side. Use a hair elastic in the colour of your hair or use a fancy bow-like hair tie like the girl in the video.
(Ed’s Note: Watch from 0:24.)


And here’s what you do when you have all of 5 minutes AND third-day hair. You won’t believe that this elaborate-looking style involves twisting your hair and securing it in a topsy tail. It looks beautiful and romantic. Lose the flowers though!


Gossip Girls created mass hysteria when scores of girls identified themselves with either Blair or Serena. Those two actresses practically gave us many, many #hairgoals, #wardrobegoals, #boyfriendgoals and also #lifegoals. Are you surprised then that there are over 2,000 YouTube videos on how to get one of the hottest looks from the show? Start watching from 1:25.


Although she uses a curling iron to curl her hair, you can totally skip this step and go with your natural texture. Also, even though these hairstyles are totally appropriate for work, I would suggest going for a sleek, minimalistic headband over the floral, lacy ones used in the video.



I think your hair can sense your panic and decides to behave rebellious when you’re looking for a little love and support. I know how pesky and uncooperative bangs can be in the morning, which is why this video shows you 20 ways to style them when you want to get them off your forehead. However, I don’t like the idea of bobby pins showing prominently so make sure to pin them in a way that they are concealed by your hair.


The hair style of the moment, not including the half-up top knot would be sacrilege. This video shows you not just one but five ways to wear the trend. I like the messy fishtail in particular.

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