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Hair Dusting: Grow Your Hair The Healthy Way

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The struggle is so real, when it comes to growing out your hair length. Trust me, I know, I’m just recovering from a asymmetrical bob cut from about 18 months ago, and I’ve just about managed to regain my former shape back. And now that my hair is finally growing the right way, guess what…it’s time to go in for a trim again! Aren’t we always having to choose between a trim, for healthy looking hair, and waiting to grow it just a little more? Trimming has become a necessary evil in growing out your hair the right way, unless you want hair like Hagrid! But what if I told you there’s a way to keep your hair in check without taking off an inch while ‘trimming’?


So, instead of cutting the length, you cut the bottom of every single hair strand that sticks out. You end up cutting the damaged part of each strand, of each layer. Of course, if your hair is out of shape, like mine was, you’re definitely going to need a cut, but if you’re happy with your cut and style, then get a little dusting done every month to keep your hair healthy and to achieve your ideal length.


While this can be tried at home, you’re probably better off inquiring about the method at your go-to hair salon. This technique can take longer than a usual hair cut, at times, but patience is the key to beauty, right?


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