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#AskHauterfly: How Can I Quickly Fix The Wrong Shade Of Foundation?

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Going out and getting a perfectly matched foundation is a nightmare, especially if you’re getting matched by someone who is unaware of things. A certain level of expertise is required when you’re trying to pick out the right shade, and there are many aspects that you certainly need to keep in mind.

However, sometimes it isn’t really in your hands, especially if you are experimenting with a new brand and don’t know what to expect from it. Even though you go against your own judgement and purchase a foundation that the ‘expert’ recommended, many a time, the shade doesn’t turn out to match your skin colour, once you step out in natural light.

An issue I realised that most women face, in India specifically, is that they are often matched to a lighter shade of foundation, and I have always wondered why.

Apparently, the ‘mass’ population of the country likes to look a shade or 2 fairer than their natural skin colour, hence the mismatch of shades. I guess, the no makeup-makeup look doesn’t really do it for ’em aunties, eh?

Unfortunately, exchanging or getting a refund, or even buying a new product isn’t always feasible, especially if you’ve spent a whole lot of dough on it.

So, for the times you’ve been mismatched and given the wrong shade of foundation, or have just gotten paler or tanner than usual, here are a couple of hacks that will help you get that right hue of colour that totally matches your skin-tone.

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Got tanned during that sun-kissed holiday and now your foundation looks a little too white? By using household products or a bronzer to add a darker tint to your rather pale foundation, these 3 hacks will help you get rid of that ghost-like base to match your actual skin tone.

Ideally, if you’ve bought an uber expensive foundation, but still have some money to spare, then purchase a cheaper foundation that you can mix along with the first one, to create the right shade for you.


Counter girl gave you the wrong shade and you’ve paid a bomb for that measly little bottle? Well, by adding a little moisturiser to thin out the foundation, you can make it sheer and the darkness will appear less.

If you’ve got a liquid highlighter or illuminator, simply add it to your foundation for the day and mix it together. This adds a tint of light to the formulation, giving you a more naturally suited shade for your skin.

Have any hacks we’ll love? We’d love to hear from you. Tell us in the comments below!


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