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Glass Skin Is The New K-Beauty Trend To Go Viral & Here’s All You Need To Know About It

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Before you freak out about ‘Glass Skin’ being another bizarre trend, we should have you know that is not the case. Glass skin is a Korean beauty trend that is really all about having porcelain skin that is dewy, glowing, poreless and translucent – much like glass!

No matter how much you swear by makeup, clear glowing skin is something everyone wants; and it’s not just Koreans, the entire world is striving to get glass skin.

If you know anything about K-Beauty trends, then it is all about attention to details when it comes to products. The focus here, is on double cleansing your skin right, and removing every ounce of dirt and makeup. This also involves, layering your skin with hydrating products. Here is a low-down of a simple nighttime regimen you can use to get clear ‘glass skin’.

1. Remove every bit of makeup before you hit the sack. No, it’s not optional.

2. Time for double cleansing. After removing makeup, use a facial cleanser to get rid of any remaining dirt and bacteria.

3. Time to tone! Make sure all the extra oil and other residue is removed.

4. Now slather on some moisturiser. Apply a hydrating moisturiser to wake up with hydrated glowing skin.

5. Every other day, make sure you exfoliate and slough the dead skin away. For that healthy natural glow, exfoliation is a must!


6. Also, use a sheet once a week to restore your skin’s healthy natural glow.

7. Last but not the least, it is all about your diet. Stay clear of fried food, as it dulls your skin and drink lots of water daily. Also, don’t forget to eat your fruits and green veggies.



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