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From Hair Care To Makeup, 5 Beauty Finds That We’re Currently Enjoying Using

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T’is the season of parties, wedding shopping, and indulging ourselves a tad more than usual. Because we know the new year will mean New Year Resolutions that are all about restraint, at least for the time we stick to them. *sniggers* But let’s not talk about restraint just yet, except if it is about wearing masks and restraining the spread of the virus (Do it!). No, ladies, let’s talk about those shopping carts that are already laden like a heavy Christmas tree, with you wondering if you’ll be getting the bang for your buck if you click ‘Buy Now’. Well, I am here to tell you about some of my recent favourite beauty, skin and hair care finds that I think might be worth that pretty penny!

1. The Earth Collective Hair Density Tonic

When you hear the words ‘hair density tonic’, your first thought might be, “Wait, do I need this? Am I balding?” But the best part about this Advanced 3-level Therapy product from The Earth Collective is that it doesn’t just work on all kinds of hair loss, but over time, with regular usage, it also makes hair healthier, fuller and strengthens the hair follicles.

I’ve been using the tonic, which comes in an easy spray bottle, every night on my scalp, though it is recommended to be used twice a day for four months. Thankfully, this is not a hair oil but a tonic, which means it is non-greasy and I could actually use it even during the day sometimes, without worrying about stepping out with greasy hair. It’s also sulphate free and paraben free, and cruelty-free, which is always such a good thing to know about the products you’re using.

I’ve been using the tonic for three weeks now, and my hair fall from all the heat styling I subjected it to during Diwali has definitely not resulted in hair fall. My hair feels softer and shinier, and I am so excited to keep up the usage for three more months and see how it affects my hair in the long run.

The Earth Collective Hair Density Tonic is priced at INR 4350 for 100 ml, which might ruffle those wallets a bit. But considering it is a unisex product, and works on genetic, cellular, and hormonal hair loss, I feel like it’s worth trying out, especially during this festive and party season, when we put our manes through so much chemical and heat styling. 

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2. The Ayurveda Co. Beet Mighty Lip And Cheek Tint Blush

Can I say I am so obsessed with this tint that I am blushing? And there are two reasons for it. First, of course, is the blush itself, which doubles as a lip tint, and applies beautifully on my cheeks. Now full disclosure, I am someone who either over applies her blush and then has to fix it or goes so subtle that it’s barely visible! But this tint really gives me just the right amount of flushed look, without becoming too overwhelming.

What’s great is that while it applies easily over foundation, I have used it without a base and it still gives me a really good blush. And it looks lovely on the lips too, quite pigmented, and doesn’t require too many touch-ups. The tint comes in a big range of shades, from peach to brown to even one that’s a pretty blueberry glaze, and I am tempted to try most of them out.

The best part? For just INR 595 for 10 gms of product, it is a steal!

3. Ora d’oro Spectrum Liquid Lip Matte

I am not kidding, when it comes to lipsticks, I have been on a spree of sorts to find ones that I can comfortably wear under my mask. And with the temperatures oscillating between hot and cold, my poor lips are just as confused as I am about keeping them plump and hydrated. One of my newest beauty finds has been Ora d’oro Beauty, a vegan, cruelty-free brand, which has just dropped its first product, the Spectrum Liquid Lip.

I was intrigued since its description boasted of a one-swipe application, with a long-lasting formula, and most importantly a hydrating one since it came with hyaluronic acid (HA). Now HA has been one of those buzz words in skincare trends lately, which has been all about actives. With the winters setting in, there’s that dual dilemma of finding lipsticks that are matte so they don’t budge because of masks, and at the same time, are moisturising for your lips and work on keeping them healthy underneath all the product.

I tried the shade Cinnamon, which is a nude brown that’s perfect for daily wear or for when you’re going dramatic with the eyes but want to underplay the lips. The lipstick was indeed very comfy to wear, not drying my lips at all. It lasted through some mask-wearing and even a round of drinks. As someone used to wearing darker shades because of my wheatish skin tone, the brown was a step out of my comfort zone, but I’d be willing to try some of the darker shades to see if they can fulfil the promises too.

The Ora d’oro Spectrum Liquid Lip Matte is priced at INR 2075 for 5.1 ml of product. It comes in a pretty transparent tube so you can see the shade, with a ridged golden cap and a decent applicator tip.

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4. The Skin Pantry Clean Greens Superfoods Mask

Sticking to a detox diet during this last month of the year? Hard, because December is the designated party month, and that means I’ll probably gorging on yummy desserts and skipping that salad course. But I found a way to keep my face’s diet healthy and rich in superfoods!

Yes, another buzzword in health trends has been superfoods and the Skin Pantry’s range of superfoods masks were just waiting to be tried. I finally got my hands on the Clean Greens mask, which is made of ingredients like Spinach, Spirulina, Wheatgrass and Clary Sage, with a base of French Green Clay. It serves to rejuvenate and revitalise your skin with its leafy green, anti-oxidant laden ingredients while the clay helps it deep cleanse and firm up.

I love the packaging of Skin Pantry products, it’s rather cute and compact to carry as well when you’re travelling. And I was surprised with just how little of the superfoods mask powder I needed to make a single application face mask. There’s a leaflet inside the box that gives you a couple of ways you can whip up this mask, for example, by adding just water, or a few drops of honey too, depending upon the end result you desire. The mask applies easily, in a vibrant green shade and dries off within 10 minutes. 

I’ve used it mixed with water so far, and my skin has felt really lovely and woken up after I rinse the mask off with warm water! I follow it up with another Skin Pantry product, the Almond and Aloe Whisper moisturise, which is hydrating for my oily skin without feeling too heavy or greasy. In fact, I’ve been using the mask once a week and the moisturiser every day!

The Skin Pantry Clean Greens Superfoods Mask is priced at INR 800 for 100 ml and the Almond and Aloe Whisper Face Moisturiser is priced at INR 1100 for 60 ml.

5. Victoria’s Secret Beauty Online Store

Pssst! This secret is probably already out of the bag but let me go ahead and tell you anyway. Victoria’s Secret Beauty now has an official online store for India where you can buy their beauty range as well as their range of bags and accessories online.

As someone who has been obsessed with their Bombshell range of fragrances since I first used them as a teenager, this is such a perfect thing in time for all my wedding and Secret Santa gifting needs!

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