7 Knockout Hairstyles For Girls With Short Hair

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I dread the thought of having to live with the same hairstyle everyday of my life, which is why I love experimenting with different styles as often as I can. Depending on my mood, I might wear it in tight curls or loose waves. I love that amazing feeling you get after having your hair blow-dried in a salon as much as I adore poker straight hair. Apart from playing with the texture, I love trying an assortment of braided and twisted styles. When a colleague rued her trendy lob after one of my recent hair experiments, I took it upon myself to find hairstyles that girls with short hair could wear. Short hair doesn’t mean you have to stop having fun with it. While it’s definitely a challenge, it’s not an impossible task. So here you go girls!

Given that the Wob is going to be BIG in 2016, it only makes sense to learn to curl your short hair and rock this trend in style. Shaggy textured waves make the bob that much more interesting. Big hair need not necessarily translate to long hair. This tutorial has great tips on how to work an undercut with your bob, especially that annoying phase when you are trying to grow out your undercut.



This video shows the power of changing your hair part. Just switching the direction of your fringe can make such a difference in the way you look. I love the whimsical two-ponytail look. Give the last “bobby-pinned” updo a miss because I have better updos lined up for you below.




Who knew the upside down pony tail could look this pretty on short hair? You can also go for a deep side part and tie a row of tiny upside-down ponytails along your hairline. I especially love the third knotted hairstyle. Once you get the hang of it, you can easily try out more variations.



So you thought you had to kiss topknots goodbye because you’ve gone short? No, you don’t. Just one piece of advice though: Try to conceal bobby pins as much as you can. Visible bobby pins are like the VPL of hairstyling. The twisted updo is a great idea for an evening out but I absolutely love the grungy biker braids. A definite must-try.



One complaint I hear pretty often from girls who’ve gone short is having to deal with hair falling in your face ALL. THE. TIME. We all know how annoying that is when we’re trying to concentrate on some task. The French braid headband (starting at 3:22) is a great idea to keep hair off your face. Also, the headband updo that Margaret does at 6:22 is so boho. If you replace the stretchy fabric headband with an ornamental one you can totally wear this hairstyle to a party.




I have always loved braids, and ever since I learnt to Dutch braid there’s been no looking back. I never thought the same braids would look so flat-out fabulous on short hair. I like the idea of teasing the hair in the ponytail to make it look voluminous. Left on its own, it could look limp. The half-up topknot was one hairstyle every It girl was wearing in 2015. I don’t see that trend running out of favour in 2016, because how else can you look cool and chic with second or third day hair in under 5 minutes?



One of the biggest dilemmas when attending a formal event or a wedding is how to style your hair. Having short hair does not mean you can’t wear your hair up. This intricate-looking updo looks classy and elegant. It has a little bit of everything from braids, to buns and twists, which make it very interesting. However, I think relying solely on hairspray to keep the front section in place is not enough. It makes sense to maybe tease the crown a little and secure the front section with bobby pins instead.


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