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Skincare Specially For Indian Skin? Count Us In!

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Here’s an interesting term that probably gets thrown at you all the time. ‘Dermatologically tested’. You’ve heard that before, you say. Of course you have. You’ve also read this on products time and time again. But what does it mean? It means somewhere a dermatologist had a rendezvous with the product, and said something about it. We’ve no idea if they liked it, hated it, flung it out of their window, experimented with it on their plants. We just don’t know. So we were intrigued when we found out about DrSheth’s .  

Dr Rekha Sheth along with her son Aneesh Sheth has launched her own line of luxury skincare products formulated especially for Indian skin called DrSheth’s. Aneesh spotted a gap in the beauty industry for products targeting Indian consumers. While skincare options for Caucasians have flooded stores globally, he noticed billions of people with darker skin weren’t directly addressed. Along with his mom, he identified ingredients and formulated skincare solutions for the masses. They have a whole range from cleansers to creams to sunscreen and everything. The peel and the glotion caught our attention. The price is also just right with products starting from Rs.375 going up to Rs.2250. 

Dr Sheth‘s products contain higher quantities of actives, which are good for Indian skin. The idea here was to combine nature and science to create a medically tested, luxury brand that contains the expertise of three generations of Indian skin doctors. This sounds promising to us. 

You can buy Dr. Sheth’s products in major retail outlets or their clinic in Juhu. Visit their website here.


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