#HauteHack: Ditch A Clear Base Coat For White Nail Polish

#HauteHack: Ditch A Clear Base Coat For White Nail Polish

So far, the usual manicure drill has been to start with a clear base coat before painting your nails. This prevents polishes from staining your nails and turning them yellow. Next time you’re getting yourself a dark manicure, I would suggest you ditch the clear base coat and try a coat of white nail polish instead.


NARS Nail Polish - Ecume_Hauterfly


Remember how I told you to use a white eye pencil as a base for eyeshadows not too long ago? Similarly, a base of white nail polish cancels out the colour from your nail bed and makes your polish pop. This also works well if you’re using sheer colours that look gorgeous in the bottle but pale and dismal on your nails.

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