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5 Intimate Details We Learned About Deepika Padukone’s Beauty Rituals Today

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It takes a village to take a sleepy-eyed and coffee laden Deepika Padukone and turn her into a red carpet goddess. The actress has been doing it for so long, her team is now a well-oiled machine. While we only get to see the final outcome, whatever goes on behind the scenes is fascinating too. Given how perfect Deepika’s glam game has been over the past couple of years, we imagine there isn’t room for any mistakes. A fact she briefly touched upon in her Harper’s Bazaar Little Black Book feature. She also shared some very intimate details about her makeup and beauty rituals, which we are delighted to have discovered!

She Hated Centre-Partings

Deepika confessed to having been on a real style journey since she started experiencing fame and recognition. She said that her growth has taught her to like a lot of things that she hated before. For instance, a centre-parted sleek hair look, which her team now does “all the time”. The hair looks great on her, we are glad she warmed up to it!

She Does Her Own Eyebrows

Only a real diva will do her own brows! Deepika’s longtime collaborator and makeup artist Sandhya Shekar revealed that the actress never lets anyone touch her brows because she does them herself. We can relate to this. Our eyebrows are sacred ground for us, nobody is allowed to mess it up, not even our ‘parlor wali aunty’!

She Hates Too Much Foundation

Deepika hates to layer foundation, a cakey look being her worst fear. Confessing to the fact that she likes to see her skin in its raw form, the actress likes her “freckles to show through”. We love the fact that she focuses on keeping her skin healthy so as to avoid too much makeup.

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Her Signature Look Is “No Makeup”

Something that we ourselves have speculated a lot over the years, Deepika likes to do the “no makeup” look most of the time. Natural warm tones on her face paired with nude blushes are her favourites. We can certainly see why she would choose to stick to this look…it’s simple and attainable. This makes her all the more relatable.

Her Wedding Looks Were Decided At A ‘Wine and Cheese’ Party

Deepika kept her wedding very low key in more ways than we can think of. Not only were the festivities carefully hidden from prying eyes, but her bridal trousseau was also personal and simple. She wore a saree gifted by her mum and turns out, the wedding looks were planned over a quick ‘Wine and Cheese’ party. How neat!

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Check out Deepika’s full feature with Bazaar below:


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