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Would You Try This Colour Block Eyeshadow Trend?

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Looks like the mantra for Spring 2017 is Go Big or Go Home! And so, the colour blocking trend has been reborn! We’ve seen it on the runways, and now, of course, it’s all over Instagram!

There are versatile ways to follow the trend and all you really need are your favourite eyeshadows. Let’s break down the trend and explore the different ways you can standout from the crowd and rock a mean colour blocked eye!

Shows like Sportsmax, Versus, and Val Garland featured their models with one bold colour on their lids. Instagram models and baddies, alike, have also been sporting stark-hued lids, some even incorporating other trends into their colour blocking looks. I mean, they’re makeup genius bloggers, after all! But to break it down, here are the 4 different ways we’ve seen colour blocking this season.

1. The Sweep

I like calling it the sweep, but bascially it’s like dipping a wet paint brush in eyeshadow and sweeping the entire look across your lid without giving it shape. It’s just a rectangular, solid block of colour that takes over your eyes. I know, might be a little too avant garde, but still super cool, right?

2. The Colour Block Cat-Eye

Celebrity makeup artist, Val Garland created this bright colored look on Deepika’s eyes for Cannes 2017. This a more wearable version of what we see above and easy to do. Apply a priming base, wet your flat eyeshadow brush and pack on the colour! You can either wear it fully on your lid or draw outwards for a cat-eye effect.

3. The Crease

Colour blocking can be done with two colours or one. The key is no blending! On the Spring / Summer 2018 runways, we saw colour blocking done on the lids, but we also saw a sweep of bright hues across the lids. You can do just your lids or just your crease for a look that turns heads.

4. Complimentary!

Use complimentary colours, or colours that oppose on the colour wheel, one on each eye. This look is the most over the top, but has been making major waves on Instagram. So, challenge yourself and opt for the colour blocking trend!

#HauteHack: Remember, it’s important to keep a check on your lashes, when you’re going for a look that can make your eye look pale. A mono colour can really droop your eyes, so loads of mascara and falsies will keep them bright and fresh.


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