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This Moisturizer Will Keep You Glowing All Summer Long!

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One of my favourite things about working at the Hauterfly HQ is that I’m surrounded by beauty buffs. Our love of all things makeup, skincare and hair is the great leveller across the team, we’re constantly recommending products to one another and taking samples from each other’s beauty kits. It was one of these discussions that lead Zahra to gift me a jar of Clinique Moisture Surge – a product she’s a massive advocate of. I used it & loved it so much that I gifted my sister a jar too. So you can only imagine how excited I was when I heard that Clinique has introduced a new, improved formulation of this cult moisturizer, called the Clinique Moisture Surge 72-Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator. It’s all the beauty world has been buzzing about lately and with good reason.

I played with the product at a recent press event and I was more than pleased that team Clinique was able to elevate an already amazing product. On first impression, the new Moisture Surge looks a bit too similar to it’s predecessor. But, on application, you’ll realize that even though it’s still the much-beloved light weight gel texture, the new Moisture Surge is now a bit more luxurious and would probably take maybe 2 more minutes to seep into skin, which is awesome.

A Clinique rep helpfully told me that the new Moisture Surge uses Hyaluronic Acid to deliver an instant moisture boost of 152% to skin! WOAH! Don’t worry tho, this oil-free moisturizer is ideal for summer, and girls like me who have Oily skin can happily reap the benefits of it.

The key difference between the classic Moisture Surge & the new Moisture Surge is the moisturizer’s new Auto-Replenishing Technology. Let’s get a bit scientific, the technology works like this: the combination of caffeine & activated Aloe water penetrates into the skin’s Trans Epidermal Electrical Potential (TEEP) and gives it a boost of hydration. The TEEP in turn draws water up from the deeper layers of your skin, saturating every layer– minimizing the effect of fine lines, flakiness & tightness. Like all Clinique products it’s allergy tested, 100% fragrance-free (so important if you have sensitive skin) and non-acnegenic.

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On application you’ll immediately feel like your skin just drank a big glass of water (always a good thing!) but my favourite part is that over time, with regular use, the Clinique Moisture Surge 72-Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator will give you better skin and we could all do with plump, hydrated, dewy skin, wouldn’t we? I also absolutely love that you don’t lose that baby-soft texture after you wash your face, the Moisture-Holding Super Matrix and Hyaluronic Acid in the formula work to keep you moisturized till your next application. Psst, the brand suggests you apply the product twice a day for best results. I’m also a fan of how the team introduced me to the various hacks you can use the product for, from soothing frizzy fly aways to making your highlighter less harsh. I especially think it’s a good idea to use the product in the middle of the day on tired under eye bags, (it’s fine, we all get them!), the caffeine will really help perk up those peepers.

So go ahead & give this new, improved formula a try – I’m happily addicted and can totally see myself replacing my standard moisturizer with it. The new Moisture Surge comes in two variants: a 30 ml that costs Rs. 1,550 and a 50 ml that costs Rs. 2,550. I think you should totally visit your closest Clinique store and get a sample, it’s Hauterfly approved, after all!

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