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All You Need To Know About Chrissy Teigen’s Eyebrow Transplant Surgery!

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Have you guys seen Chrissy Teigen’s brand new look? Yes, the model and cookbook author has debuted new eyebrows! Chrissy Teigen took to her social media account to share the exciting news with her followers, she informed that she does, in fact, have a new pair of eyebrows through an eyebrow transplant surgery for which the hair was derived from the back of her head. Whoa! That seems interesting

In a few Instagram stories, the 35-year-old model shared videos of herself after the eyebrow transplant surgery. She also explained that the new hair is taken from the back of a patient’s head and placed on the face to give the appearance of a fuller set of eyebrows. “I never wear makeup if I can avoid it so I was so excited for this eyebrow transplant surgery,” Chrissy Teigen wrote on a photo of herself after the surgery. She also tagged her doctors in the story, Dr. Jason Diamond and Dr. Jason Champagne. Quite interesting names!

Dr. Diamond himself posted post-procedure pictures of Chrissy Teigen on Instagram and wrote, “Eyebrows play a huge part of the facial aesthetic. They frame the eyes and can either be an asset to the eyes, or they can be the annoying part of your morning you have to spend ten minutes filling in. I know too many people, entire generations, who either over plucked brows as part of the trend or are simply experiencing eyebrow thinning with time. #EyebrowTransplantation is a procedure where we mutually agree on shape, density, etc., and skill takes it from there.”

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The procedure is a follicular unit transplant or follicular unit extraction. It can be done without any sutures and has very little downtime. The hair from the back of the scalp is taken and around 50-100 grafts are used under local anaesthesia. The entire process takes around 2-3 hours. Recovery time varies from person-to-person but is usually quick.

The eyebrow transplant surgery seems quite interesting and unique and Chrissy Teigen looks great. Would you do it?

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