From Alia Bhatt’s Dewy Skin Secret To Kareena Kapoor’s Face Relaxation, Celeb Beauty Hacks That Caught Our Eye In 2023

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From Alia Bhatt’s Dewy Skin Secret To Kareena Kapoor’s Face Relaxation, Celeb Beauty Hacks That Caught Our Eye In 2023

Ever wondered how our favorite Bollywood stars manage to look so flawless? Well, hold onto your makeup brushes because we have rounded up our favourite celebrity beauty hacks of the year 2023! We’re talking about Bhumi Pednekar’s tape trick for killer eyeliner, Kiara Advani’s radiant skin secrets, Athiya Shetty’s homemade glow, Alia Bhatt’s dewy perfection, and Kareena Kapoor’s pre-makeup magic, so read on to find out more.

1. Bhumi Pednekar’s Winged Wonder

Bhumi Pednekar’s winged eyeliner has always been a subject of admiration. The secret behind her sharp lines? A simple household item – tape. The actress has been spotted using tape to create the perfect winged look, ensuring her eyes are always on point. This hack not only guarantees precision but also makes the application process a breeze.


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2. Kiara Advani’s Radiant Glow Recipe

Kiara Advani is a vision of radiance, and her beauty hack spills the beans on achieving that enviable body glow. Her secret sauce includes a hydrating moisturizer gel, a BB cream, and a touch of liquid highlighter. This winning combination not only hydrates the skin but also provides a luminous and dewy finish, making Kiara’s glow the talk of the town.


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3. Athiya Shetty’s DIY Magic

Athiya Shetty’s beauty regimen takes a natural turn with the use of DIY rice water for glowing skin. The actress swears by this simple yet effective hack, showcasing the power of natural ingredients. Rice water, known for its skin-brightening properties, has become Athiya’s go-to for maintaining that coveted luminosity.


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4. Alia Bhatt’s Dewy Glass Skin

Alia Bhatt’s beauty mantra involves concocting the perfect mix for dewy glass skin. The actress blends a color-correcting skin tint, moisturizer, and a highlighter with a pink hue to achieve the ideal radiant complexion. Alia’s signature glow has become synonymous with youthful radiance, and her skincare concoction is undoubtedly a game-changer.

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5. Kareena Kapoor’s Pre-Makeup Refresh

Kareena Kapoor’s makeup hack is all about prepping the canvas. Before diving into her beauty routine, the actress uses a wet paper napkin to calm her skin, offering a refreshing and rejuvenating start. This simple yet effective step ensures that Kareena’s makeup sits flawlessly, reflecting the ease with which she effortlessly exudes glam.

In a world of ever-evolving beauty standards, these celebrity beauty hacks serve as a beacon of inspiration for beauty enthusiasts everywhere. From tape tricks to DIY remedies, these stars continue to redefine the art of looking fabulous, one hack at a time.

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