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The CC Cream That Is Making Baishali’s Life Easier

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BB creams, CC creams, foundation, concealer — aahhh! Who has the time and mindspace to remember and invest in SO MANY beauty products? I, for one, definitely do not. So whenever I stumble upon a product that has more than one use, I’m all ears, eyes and face. You can imagine my joy when I found the new Lakmé 9to5 CC Color Transform Cream that acts as a CC cream cum makeup base. Win!


CC Color Transform - Bronze_Hauterfly

Lakmé 9to5 CC Color Transform Cream — Bronze

Now, I’m always wary of products that have the word ‘fairness’ on it. I’m dusky and I love it — I’m quite happy being dark and lovely. So when I first looked at the products, my eyebrows shot up but soon I was appeased because it has two variants — beige (for fair skin) and bronze (for dark skin).

This cream is extremely lightweight and seeps quickly and comfortably into the skin. Embedded with micro beads that possess a unique colour-changing property, the CC Color Transform starts out as a white face cream and then changes colour as you blend it in, giving you even skintone and dewy makeup-like finish.

Take just a little bit, apply it in dots all over your face and neck and blend in really well, so that there’s no whitish residue. Within minutes, you’ll see your skintone has evened out, blemishes have disappeared and there is a flawless glow-like finish on your face. Whoa. And, and, and! The CC Color Transform Cream from Lakmé 9to5 is fortified with SPF 30 — you know what that means, right? You don’t even have to additionally apply any sunscreen. Three-in-one? Yes, please! Plus, it’s just 325 bucks! Super budget beauty!

The only piece of advice I do have if you’re going to try this product is, if you have oily skin like me, or live in a humid city like I do, finish off your routine with a pat of compact powder to get rid of any shine that may layer on.

I reckon that this is going to be your new fave beauty product — it’s small enough to carry around in your (overflowing?) purse. So go ahead, ladies!

SHOP NOW: Lakmeé 9to5 CC Color Transform Cream — Bronze (Rs 325)


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