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Biotique Has Just Introduced Makeup And I Tried Out Their Eyeshadow Palette. The Pigment Is Fab!

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I am always excited to try new things. And by that, I don’t mean scuba diving or any other dangerous sports that could kill me. I mean, in makeup – there I am always trying new things. New eye looks, new highlighter and/or new eyeshadow palettes, I am willing to give everything a go. Highlighter and eyeshadow are my two most favourite products. Thank you to whoever invented these. God bless your soul.

And December is a good time for a makeup junkie like me. I constantly have something to try out from all the new launches. Of course, some of them may make you think twice with the price tag but you will never regret it. That’s exactly what I learned when I bought Biotique’s new eyeshadow palette.

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If you haven’t heard of this brand, then let me tell you a little something about it. Biotique is an all-natural brand that initially only had skincare products like toners, under-eye gel, face washes, etc. It is only very recently that they have launched their makeup line and I was amused and excited to try their new products. I am a sucker for new makeup launches.

I feel like it’s my birthright to always buy and try new products. Some I regret buying, while others top my list and I end up writing reviews for my fellow makeup junkies out there. You’re welcome.

And something like that happened with Biotique’s eyeshadow. I didn’t know if it would be a hit or a miss. So, obviously I did this amazing makeup look and used their olive green glitter eyeshadow and it stayed intact for the whole day. I was honestly taken aback by the result. I won’t lie, I had my reservations. It was Biotique I didn’t think that the pigment would be so amazing- but only because I thought they might have to skip their pigment-lending ingredients because they might not be natural. In fact, it glided on my lid so smoothly I might’ve gotten an orgasm. Who needs a boyfriend when you have an eyeshadow?

I obviously wondered how the eyeshadow was so good. So, I looked at the packaging to see the ingredients, but sadly it didn’t have anything written on the cover or the package as well. They are definitely 100% organic, paraben-free and cruelty-free- with their skincare and makeup line. Because the eyeshadows are pretty decent, I assume that they are infused with mica for that natural shimmer and smooth application. If you are wondering, then mica is absolutely safe and can be used on all skin types.

I am totally loving this product and is in my top 5 list! So, go and grab yours now.

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