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The Best Wet N Wild Products You Can Buy In India

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Okay shopaholics, back me up when I say “shopping is the best stress-buster”. Yeah, I can see you nodding. And I don’t mean to completely wipe out your salary in one go but that might happen. If you think you deserve a gift, buy makeup. If you managed to not kill your boyfriend today, buy makeup. Point being, buy makeup.

For me, makeup is a hobby and I would like to keep it that way. I won’t say I am a pro at it, but yeah I can get those winged liners to look the same (1 eternity later). So, I am always looking for the best of makeup online and let me give you a small tip; if you are skeptical about buying something you really like, then always watch reviews on YouTube or read up about them. Trust me, that has actually helped me buy makeup – the reviews are pretty spot on.

Now, we all have our own favourite brands that we swear by, and as a true lover of the product, you always try to convince others (even people who don’t use makeup) to try those brands. Mine happens to be this drugstore brand called Wet N Wild (get your mind out of the gutter). I love this brand for being cruelty-free and having the best of makeup under Rs. 500/-

So, I have curated a bunch of Wet N Wild products that you can try as a beginner.


If you love highlighting more than anything in the world, then this product is for you. It’s shimmer and shine and everything nice. The highlighter’s pigmented texture is to die for. You can go all out with this highlighter and regret nothing. Absolutely nothing. Are those astronauts blinded? It’s probably because of this highlighter.


We all have made the mistake of drinking in the middle of week because your boss won’t just let you off the hook. You wake up with the worst hangover, the one where you just want to stop existing for the day. But then adding to the fun are the very intense dark circles that make you look like you’ve been in a bar fight. Ugh. You don’t have to give yourself a makeover to hide your dark circles. This concealer will be enough and nobody will know about last night.


Get your glam game on point with their MegaLast Liquid Matte Lipstick. They have 10 shades in total and my personal is Darkness Falls – a royal blue colour that gives me the perfect sinister look. If you are into that kind of thing, then you have to get that shade rn! Maybe I just have a Halloween hangover. But hey, these lippies are good.


Who here doesn’t like an intense smokey eye? Exactly, it easy sexy and smouldering. This nude palette is perfect to create a bold or subtle look with its 10 shades. The 10 pan palette comes in 3 other shades that you would want to add to your vanity. They have a mix of shimmer and matte shades as well. So, whatever you are in the mood for, simply glide it across your lid and you are good to go.


Have you spent your time and energy looking for a foundation that has coverage tarp in the Mumbai monsoon? You know, effective and does the job fabulously? Well, look no farther, because this foundation is everything a beauty junkie/selfie queen needs. The description says “light-adjusting complex to help prevent white cast in photos” and is also tested under 7 light conditions; with and without flash. How cool is that?


If you are a rookie at using the beauty blender, then this is the perfect substitute for it. I didn’t believe in using a brush for applying foundations or even concealing. Boy, I should have given this a whirl. I did major research on this brush and I got lots of green signals so took my chances with it. To my surprise, this worked like magic and till today I suggest this brush to everyone who asks about brushes.


I wanted a lip scrub for the longest time, but then I kept bruising my lips with chunks of sugar so I became wary. Someone recommended that I should buy and invest in this lip scrub. I looked at them like they were crazy. However, I am happy that I listened to them and bought one myself and honestly, my lips have never seen a bad day ever since.


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