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5 Bloggers Reveal Their Foundation Routines For Oily Skin

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Suffering from oily skin? Frankly, I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t. In fact, my problem was most evident when I bought my first foundation and my T-zone oiled up within an hour.

I thought there must be something wrong with my foundation, right?

Well, cut to a makeup artist certification, years of beauty writing, and a decade later, I now know that if your skin produces extra sebum, you not only have to choose your foundation with care, but there’s a whole routine you’ve got to follow, in order to seal the deal.

Most experts and bloggers have their own version of an oily skin routine, so here are 5 of my favourite bloggers and their foundation routines for oily skin. May you never have an oily-faced day again!


1. Alyssa Forever

Slay all day with Alyssa’s oil-proof makeup routine. Notice, she makes a big deal of moisturising. It’s important to use a moisturiser that’s perfect for oily skin. If not, your skin will excrete extra sebum and ruin your makeup.


2. Nikkia Joy

Hallelujah… finally! I do hate looking in the mirror after a couple of hours and watching my makeup break apart. These products and tricks are so great to follow.


3. Dulce Candy

Dulce Candy shows you how it’s done! She takes the matte foundation routine to a whole new level. But, despite using all matte products, her skin doesn’t look dry, which makes her a real pro. Follow the steps to get the look.


4. Dana Marie

Dana Marie shows you how to get that gorgeous glow with her makeup routine for oily skin, and that is super rare! Somehow, dewy, soft makeup always goes wrong when it comes to oily skin, but not with this routine!


5. Laura Lee

Just because you’ve got oily skin, doesn’t mean you can’t go heavy! Nothing will slide off if you follow the right technique. Plus, Laura has great product recommendations.


Our beauty writer is also an amazing makeup artist (check out some of her awesome videos on the site!). This skincare enthusiast is also a bonafide globetrotter and boss babe.

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