Minnie Mouse Bow Buns And Freckled Faces on Day 3

Every day we wait with bated breath for the surprises Elton J Fernandez throws our way in the make-up and hair department. And we must we add that he never fails to up the ante. Ashish N Soni’s presentation was the closing show of Day 2 at Amazon India Fashion Week 2016, and from the moment the models zoomed onto  the ramp on roller skates (and later, candy floss!) it was clear that the beauty look was all about the fun and frolic of our youth. Here’s what we loved:



Playful Bow Buns

Reminiscent of Minnie Mouse’s bow, models’  hair was styled in super-cute bow buns. Tendrils were allowed to fall freely in dreamy wisps. Those dreaded baby hair on the forehead that we try so hard to tame reminded me of the hours spent playing Hopscotch on balmy afternoons.

Chiselled faces

Luminescent skin continued to do the rounds with generously applied bronzer that gave the illusion of healthy, tanned skin. But that’s not all. Seems like those Minnie Mouse buns weren’t the only notable feature. FRECKLES! I’ve always found a smattering of freckles very endearing. Throwback to a carefree, happy childhood, running in gay abandon, ice-lollies, the works!

The gold bronze shadow used on eyelids and tear ducts really brought out the eyes, while pop-coloured candy lips finished the look. The frayed denim on nails were in sync with the whole vibe.

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