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#HauteHacks: How To Avoid Flaky Foundation This Winter

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I’m sure if you’ve noticed, but as soon as winter comes around and the weather gets drier, your skin starts doing the same.

So, obviously we moisturise more. But, what to do about pesky, flaking skin underneath your makeup? Well, there are 3 tips to help your foundation stay flawless through the dry weather. Keep scrolling to find out.


1. Prep

Nope, just primer will not do. Now, more than ever, it’s very important to prep well. Wash your face, use a gentle scrub, followed by a non-alcoholic toner, and then moisturise. Most importantly, moisturise with a heavier cream than the one you use in summer. Even if you don’t have time to do the entire routine, use a face wipe to clean your face and then apply moisturiser. Take 2 minutes to work it in; let it seep through your pores. If any dead skin comes off while you massage your face, let it! If there’s a lot of peeling, tone again, and then moisturise lightly again.


2. Use Hydrating Products

Switch your regular concealer, foundation, and primer to something more emollient. Unless you have super oily skin, you can opt for formulas that aren’t oil-free. And even if you do have oily skin, opt for oil-free but hydrating formulas. No more mattes for this season! In case you don’t want to invest in a series of new products, try mixing one drop of face oil in your foundation or concealer and see the difference!


3. Beauty Blender All The Way!

In the winters, it’s better to use a beauty blender than a brush. You want to dab and press the makeup into your skin as much as possible, so a damp blender will do the trick. Moving makeup too much around dry skin can further flake or irritate your skin, which happens more with a brush.


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