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Ankush Bahuguna Is Serving Us Makeup Hacks Like No Other And We’re Here For It

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I personally believe that makeup has no gender. It’s for anyone and everyone who wants to glam up! But no thanks to the toxic masculinity in our society, men stay away from makeup and those who don’t are often looked down upon but at the same time, we’re also witnessing a huge shift and get to see men trying their hand at makeup. And let me add this, it’s a beautiful change to witness. In recent times, I’ve come across men who are not only trying makeup but also acing it and one of my favourite ones to watch is content creator Ankush Bahuguna. He’s totally slaying. TBH, I’m a tad bit envious of him. He does better makeup than me and I’d kill for skills like that. Plus, he manages to look handsome and beautiful at the same time and what I’d give to have that kind of grace and talent. And the best thing is that he can apply the perfectly winged eyeliner while giving hilarious commentary. That’s really an art. For a long time now, I’ve been saving Ankush Bahuguna’s Instagram reels where he shares some kickass makeup hacks that we all need while breaking social norms and promoting makeup for me. Now, as much as I’d like to make this an opinion piece about how we need more men like Ankush who don’t let toxic masculinity hold them back, this story is all about the doable makeup hacks and tips that this content creator is serving us. So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

1. Concealer Hack No One Tells Us

Applying concealer if you have puffy eyes can be a pain because it often makes our eyes look weird. And no one really tells us how to go about it and applying concealer the usual way doesn’t really work for those of us with puffy eyes (me included). But Ankush Bahuguna is our knight in shining armour ‘coz he recently shared a makeup hack on how to do it right and ensure that our eyes don’t look weird. Check it out.

2. Foundation First Or Concealer?

This question is just as confusing as “which came first: the egg or the chicken?” But Ankush Bahuguna has an answer that is totally doable.

3. Want Everday Glam Eyes?

Putting the effort to apply eyeshadow and glam up your eyes for your everyday makeup is kaafi zayada ambitious. And we all look for ways to make our mornings hassle-free with quick makeup tips and Ankush Bahuguna has a trick to make your eyes look glam in the most effortless manner and it barely takes 5 mins!

4. A Lipstick Tutorial We All Need

Ombre lips are the latest trend and we all want to get on the trending makeup bandwagon. But it’s not easy to ace the perfect ombre lips. Even with all the makeup experience I have, it’s a TASK to recreate the ombre lips yet Ankush Bahuguna has managed to ace it and he also saved us the trouble by sharing a tutorial on how to do it. Go get recreating, peeps!

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5. Easy Everyday Makeup?

Don’t we all try to find a simple but glam everyday makeup routine to make it easy and wearable? Moreover, it’s no fun when you have to spend a lot of time applying multiple products. Well, Ankush is here to rescue us once again. He has shared a quick makeup tutorial that can be aced quickly for an everyday look.

6. Where Do The Blush And Contour Go?

Leave it up to Ankush Bahuguna to wing it and still know how and where the blush and contour go. While I’ve been doing it for a long time now but my fave content created has still given us a much-needed lesson on doing it right and keeping it natural.

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More power to you, Ankush, for breaking stereotypes and slaying makeup better than us beauty girls! We’re taking notes.

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