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7 Deadly Skincare Sins The Busy Girl Is Guilty Of Committing

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In today’s fast-paced world, many of us get so wrapped up and involved in our busy lives that we start taking the easy way out for certain things. And why not? It’s the least complicated option, in a very complicated life.

We end up falling into a ritual of bad habits that have a negative effect on our health and our skin, resulting in an infinite circle of deadly sins.

To the girl on-the-go, these habits do not matter when looking at the bigger picture. But they eventually cause a massive mess that cannot be cleaned out properly, especially in the long run.

We’ve found the 7 most deadly sins your busy life is forcing you to commit. After reading what it’s doing to your skin, you’re going to want to break the habit!


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1. Drinking Coffee

A busy girl’s BFF, caffeine is something almost every member of the non 9-to-5 job scene swears by. Whether it’s just the daily morning fix, or the 9th cup of black coffee you’ve had to keep yourself awake, coffee ruins your skin.

Caffeine basically dehydrates your skin and makes your liver work overtime, causing a toxin buildup in your system.

Plus, if you have acne-prone skin, the milk and sugar can clog the skin, causing breakouts.¬†Doesn’t sound as pretty as that Starbucks you just downed this morning, does it?


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2. Sleeping With Makeup On

Sleeping with makeup on is the biggest, gravest sin you can ever commit, and we are talking about eye makeup too. It might seem super convenient to get back from a busy day and only splash water on your face.

But not taking off the product on your face can cause major skin problems that will most definitely have an adverse effect, both in the short and long terms.

Imagine, by not removing your makeup you are allowing for a day’s worth of dirt, grime, oil, buildup to be absorbed into your skin, eventually festering in it. Convinced yet?


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3. Not Cleaning Your Phone Screen

Your phone is one of the most germ-infested surfaces your skin can come into contact with. So basically, every time the phone screen touches your skin, you are opening the gates to 1,000s of germs that can cause your face to breakout and react to it.

Cleaning your phone screen for better skin is rather far-fetched, but trust us when we say that it is the best way to keep bacteria from settling on to your face, when in use.

Ideally, you can also use a pair of earphones to talk, in order to avoid any form of contact.


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4. Not Getting Enough Sleep

Busy-girl life entails a whole lot of moments when you won’t be able to get enough sleep. This doesn’t just take a toll on your skin, but also has an adverse effect on your mind and the rest of your body.

Not getting in at least 7-8 hours of sleep means a higher chance of getting dark circles, puffy eyes, and extremely dull and tired looking skin.


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5. Not Wearing Enough Sunscreen

Trust us when we say, you ARE NOT wearing enough sunscreen. Wearing a pea-sized amount each day doesn’t account for the strong rays you will have to face.

Many people think it’s okay to apply just a pinch, but in reality you need so much more.

Your makeup might say “contains SPF” but that doesn’t give you the lazy-girl-rights to skip slathering up in sunblock. Sunblock is an essential you cannot miss out, come rain or shine!


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6. Applying Products With Unwashed Hands

Applying anything with unwashed hands, wait…touching your face with unwashed hands is a massive no-no, which we’re pretty sure you unknowingly end up doing.

A busy life entails not having time to use the right tools to apply makeup, which also means using your fingers to do so.

If you sanitise your hands then we aren’t complaining, but if you use your germ-infested fingers and touch your skin, then you’re basically walking right into trouble.


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7. Taking Very Hot Showers

Stepping into a hot shower, after a long and stressful day sounds like a good plan for relaxing your muscles, but it’s pretty bad for your largest organ — your skin. Frequent hot showers will lead to dehydrated and dry skin, and can increase the chances of getting an infection.

Over time, this can lead to excess production of oil in your skin, which can lead to breakouts too!


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