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6 Things You Should Know Before Using Liquid Eyeliner

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Even though I love myself a smudged eyeliner, nothing beats the high of a super-sharp, crisp cat eyeliner. One of the essential products in achieving a dramatic cat eye is liquid eyeliner. Even Adele’s go-to makeup artist finishes off her signature look with a liquid liner. But who would have thought using something as innocuous as liquid eyeliner could be such an uphill task? Here’s what you need to know about using a liquid eyeliner. Arm yourself and go conquer the world like the badass that you are!

1. It’s Messy

While I would recommend starting off with pencil eyeliner if you are a novice, there will come a time when you will want to go beyond the basic and try your hand at liquid eyeliner. Before you start daydreaming about the perfect eyeliner that could put Adele’s signature cat eye to shame, be warned — liquid eyeliner can be very messy. If you take out too much product, it will rain down your lashline right into your eyes. And boy! does that sting. Always keep some makeup wipes handy.

2. Q-Tips Are Your BFFs

Don’t bother taking off the whole line that you have drawn if you only messed up the winged tip or went too thick in the inner corners. Dip a Q-tip in some make-up remover and thin out the eyeliner and to fix any mistakes.

3. Pay Attention To Your Brush

Generally, liquid liners come with either a felt-tip brush or one with fine bristles. If you like your eyeliner to be super-fine, you will want to pick up an eyeliner that comes with a bristle brush. Felt-tip brushes are ideal for creating thicker but sharper strokes.

4. You’ll Need Loads Of Practise

And patience. The advantage of using a pencil liner is that you can smudge it with a Q-tip and go for a smoky eyeliner look if you mess it up. You can’t do the same with liquid eyeliner since it is meant to look sharp and neat. So obviously mastering the liquid liner is going to need loads of patience, practice, and not giving in to the urge of flinging the bottle of liner in rage and calling it a day!

5. Don’t Be In A Hurry

And if you are in a hurry, avoid the liquid eyeliner altogether, unless you have mastered it. I know friends who can actually line their eyes with zero mess within a minute (standing ovation to you, ladies), however, if you are new to liquid liners avoid applying it when you are in a rush. PS: Eyeliners sense your panic and you increase the chances of messing up by 100%.

6. Don’t Put It On Your Waterline

Besides looking extremely harsh (and unpleasant to the boot), liquid eyeliner can sting your eyes horribly if you try applying it on your waterline. In all probability, it won’t stay on your waterline and will spread all over your eyeball leaving you teary-eyed. Avoid, unless you are going for the tear-streaked cheek look.


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