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5 Quick Hacks To Fake Good Brows on Bad Brow Days!

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Sometimes, your brows will be clean and arched enough to cause a frenzy, even become an Internet sensation! At other times, your hairline and eyebrow hair start to merge, and you look like you could easily bag a role in a Planet of The Apes remake. It is, at times like these, that you furiously google ‘How to tame busy eyebrows’ or ‘How do I know if my brows need a haircut’. Those may not be your EXACT search terms, but you get the idea.

Don’t worry, hair bear. We’ve put together 5 hacks for when you, and parlour aunty haven’t had a rendezvous in a while. 

Inpost- Brow Hacks 1

1. Be A Tweeze

Get up close and personal with your eyebrows, and get your hands on a good, sharp tweezer. Pluck out the extras gently in the direction of the growth. Dodge the nasty red bumps that come after by powdering the area, so the oils are absorbed, and pressing a warm cloth to relax the follicles. Post tweezing, apply some aloe gel to calm your skin. 

Inpost- Brow Hacks 2

2. Trim Down

If putting yourself through a session of pulling and plucking gets you all worked up, we’ve got your covered. Get your hands on a trimmer (Veet Trimmer comes to mind), and take back control. With a precise blade, and heads that facilitate getting the closest trim you can get envy-worthy eyebrows in minutes. There is gain without pain! 

Inpost- Brow Hacks 3

3. Hide Over It

You know what they say, right?  When you can’t get rid of them, hide them. We made that up. But hey, it holds good, especially when it comes to brows. If a few stray hair continue to occupy centre stage, reach for that concealer. Take one that’s exactly your shade, apply under the brow and blend away. You know they are there, but nobody else has to know. 

Inpost- Brow Hacks 4

4. Get Settled

If the stray hair is being rebellious and refuses to settle, get some petroleum jelly and get cracking on it. Apply the jelly sparingly all over the brow, then comb the hair into place with a spoolie. The errant hair should make peace with this, and get into place, albeit grudgingly. 

Inpost- Brow Hacks 5

5. Shape of You

When filling in your brows, try and include the hair in the shape. It might be a little thicker than usual, but won’t look unkempt. If this is simply not possible, make your brow game strong by filling them in and making a bold shape, so attention is drawn away from the extras. 

Looking good!

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