5 Mistakes You’re Making With Your Eyeliner

5 Mistakes You’re Making With Your Eyeliner

Up until I was 15, kohl was the only acceptable make-up I was allowed to wear. And the occasional swipe of lipstick, if I begged hard enough. Naturally, the first make-up technique I perfected was lining my eyes. Lining your eyes is an art, and takes years of practise and zen-like patience to get right. Lazy attempts can only be tolerated if you’re not stepping out of your home. As a beauty aficionado, it irks me to see women committing serious eyeliner crimes and going about their day nonchalantly. If you don’t want to fall victim to such crimes, pay attention to these common eyeliner mistakes and how to avoid them.


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Mistake #1: Your liner runs parallel to your lash line

Your eyeliner cannot be like the two banks of a river — parallel lines that run in the same direction without ever meeting. There simply cannot be any peek-a-boo gaps between your liner and lash line. Firstly, it’s distracting and secondly, does nothing to enhance your eyes. Try to go as close to the lash line as you possibly can when you’re lining your eyes. If you just can’t get it right, try to draw a really thin line and then fill the gap with product. Don’t forget to tight-line lashes.


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Mistake #2: You line only the bottom lash line

Let me tell you ladies, that’s not a flattering look on anyone. It looks harsh and villainous, and also makes your eyes appear droopy. Line your waterline and tight-line the top of your lid to create a semblance of balance. Also, try going easy on the lower lash line. Instead of being heavy-handed, dot the liner between your lashes and smudge it with your finger tips or a Q-tip.


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Mistake #3: You line the lower lash line with liquid liner

Liquid liner is far too harsh for the bottom lid. Reserve liquid formulas only for the top, and to create cat eyes. Use pencil liners and powder shadows for the lower lash line. It looks diffused and way prettier. Trust me on this.


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Mistake #4: You line your entire eye in a thick line

Girl, you’re taking your love for doughnuts too far. Drawing a black doughnut around your eyes cannot be passed off for eyeliner. The thickness of your liner should change depending on the part of the eye you are lining. The inner corners should be thinly lined, and grow thicker as you move towards the centre of the eye and beyond. This allows your eyes to look opened up and bright. Drawing thick lines from the beginning to the end makes your eyes look closely-set.


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Mistake #5: Your lines are so fat, they look like eyeshadow

We’ve all been through this at some point: one eye is perfect, while the liner on the other is slightly thicker. So you try to balance it out by thickening the perfect eye. All hell breaks loose, and you end up with eyeliner that goes all the way up to your crease. When you have lines of uneven thickness on both eyes, try using Vaseline or concealer on a Q-tip to thin out the fatter one instead! See how simple that is?

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