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5 Home Remedies That Will Shrink Your Pores Naturally

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Everyone has pores. And it’s cool. Everything is good, pores are okay. We can deal with them. Right? *looks around nervously* But sometimes, these pores aren’t, well, just pores. They open up and stay that way. Like craters on the moon. Which honestly, we can pass off as something pretty, but it’s really scraping the bottom of the barrel. Of course, because Murphy is usually at play, they make an appearance when I have some place important to go to or be at. They then serve as blackholes for my makeup, sucking in everything and basically just sitting there making everything look worse.

So, maybe you need a little help in that department. Allow us to guide you through the tricky world of large pores with natural remedies. You heard that right, you can shrink them without emptying bottles of toner. Read on for 5 home remedies that will shrink your pores naturally.

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Ice, Ice Baby

Many a makeup artist will tell you that icing the face before applying makeup keeps it looking fresh and makes it last longer. For pores too, ice works fabulously. It causes pores to shrink and reduces any kind of swelling. Give your face a quick once over with ice, preferably wrapped in a thin cloth to get a flawless base for your makeup.

Mud Slinging

We have raved about the benefits of multani mitti or Fuller’s earth for skin. And you can use it to keep errant pores under control as well. Fuller’s earth pulls out the excess oil from the pores and removes dirt from them. Make a paste with multani mitti and rose water, apply to your skin, and wash off. Your pores won’t stand a chance.

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Turmeric To The Rescue

It was all yellow! But only for a bit. Turmeric has been gaining a lot of love for being super skin-friendly, and with good reason. You can use this to shut down all the excessive pore action. Mix turmeric powder with milk or rose water, apply to areas with large pores, let it sit for 10-15 minutes, and wash off.

Gram On

This kitchen ingredient works like magic for skin. Gram flour tightens skin and puts all the pores out of action revealing beautiful, supple skin. You’ll need to mix this with yoghurt, make a mask and wait for it to do its thing. Your skin will thank you for it. Don’t forget to generously moisturise after.

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Get A Papaya On It

Okay, wait, don’t dunk your face in a bowl full of papaya just yet. This fruit brings its A-game when it comes to skin, and you can reap the pore-shriveling benefits of it. Mash a ripe papaya, apply the paste, leave it on for a few minutes. Then wash it off. You won’t even know the pores were there.

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