5 Hair Oils That Actually Fix Your 5 Biggest Hair Problems

5 Hair Oils That Actually Fix Your 5 Biggest Hair Problems

Some people have a signature colour that they wear. Or a perfume they wear that you always connect to them. Others will have a particular style you associate with them. And then there are some that you connect to a particular hairstyle, like the beehive that Amy Winehouse flaunted. Then again, it might not be a hairstyle but just the state of your hair that people connect you with. Like frizzy or dry because, I tell you, hair simply gives you away.

Of course, grandmoms and moms everywhere have been telling us about the benefits of oils and of oiling our hair but we have dodged those conversations each time. But maybe these ladies are on to something. Read up to know what hair oils will work best for your hair concern.

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Concern: Hair Fall

Oil: Bhringraj

If your hair is zipping past 100 strands of hair loss a day, which is normal according to experts, then perhaps this a bigger problem than you thought. An oil that has bhringraj can arrest hairfall to a great extent so you have tresses that belong in a TV commercial. We specially love this one from Kama Ayurveda that works like magic to keep hairfall in control and actually reduce it considerably.

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Concern: Lack Of Growth

Oil: Coconut

If your hair is being stubborn and resolutely refuses to grow even by an inch, month after month, we may have a bit of trouble on our hands. Coconut oil might be the saviour. Coconut oil promotes hair growth and thickens your hair. Now, while you could believe the ‘trims make your hair grow’ spiel, this actually works.

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Concern: Dry Hair, Flaky Scalp

Oil: Olive

I know you think that we are talking about healthy cooking oil but olive oil is also great for hair. The nutrients in olive oil deeply condition and nourish your hair making your ends look better and infinitely healthier. It also helps your scalp feel hydrated, which could mean less itchiness. This oil can simply do no wrong.

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Concern: Dandruff

Oil: Argan

A large part of dandruff is caused by a dry scalp. And while olive oil helps, argan oil is the one oil that can really tackle dandruff. Think of it like a thick moisturiser but for your hair. Apply to the areas that are dry and asking for attention and watch it do its magic.

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Concern: Premature Greying

Oil: Amla

You have salt pepper hair but that’s not the look you were going for. Premature greying can cause panic, hurry you into buying a whole cartful of hair dye and basically put the fear of wrinkles in you. Let’s calm down, amla is here. Amla oil can stop the premature greying because it’s loaded with vitamin C, which helps hair look darker.

Which one of these oils would you use? Let us know in the comments below.

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