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5 Awesome Beauty Benefits Of Sea Salt No One Told You About

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We all know salt of the table variety. The one that didn’t really aim high enough as sea salt did. So while sea salt is gourmet, salt has to settle for being, well, just a condiment. And not even one that gets like a grinder, salt only gets a shaker. Even when it comes to beauty, sea salt has an edge being the prettier, much cooler version of sodium chloride. While salt does have its benefits for skin, sea salt is known to solve a host of problems, and serve up some great skin therapies, so basically table salt is just the under-performing sibling.

We can all agree that life would be pretty bland without salt (sea or otherwise) and the many versions of it. Imagine French fries without salt. Or a pretzel without its saltiness. But that’s not all. Salt in general comes with a bunch of skincare benefits. Take a look at some of the beauty benefits of sea salt below.

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It’s Great For Exfoliation

Sea salt has granules that are not too harsh and completely natural, which is why they are perfect to scrub and slough off some dead skin. Doing this also improves blood circulation so might not need blush ’cause you’ll have your glow going!

It Can Purge Out Toxins

Sea salt can eliminate toxins from your system and send them running because of the high magnesium content. A quick warm concoction with salt and lemon is a great way to detox, and to have a great skin day, every day.

inpost - sea salt - beachy waves

It Makes Beachy Waves Happen

Beachy waves are something we aspire to have, but the closest we get to that in India is rickshaw hair, and that’s not a good look. Sea salt sprays can actually give you beachy waves that don’t look like you’ve been involved in a furious battle with styling tools. Plus, it comes at practically no cost. What’s not to love?

It Arrests Ageing

If your night time skincare regime includes a 12-step program and has you spending more time in the bathroom than with family, sea salt might be the one thing you need. It purges the body of toxins, it arrests ageing, and keeps you looking younger for much longer. But in moderation; you won’t want to knock back shots of this.

It Relieves Aches

Had a rather indulgent shopping spree that involved spending hours on your feet? Or a night of dancing in heels that left your feet sore and screaming in pain? Sea salt can come to your rescue. Add a pinch of sea salt or bath salts to warm water and dunk your feet into it, and feel your pain melt away. That is, until you decide to do this all over again.

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