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5 Amazing Ways To Use Your Mascara

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If I was stuck on an island, and could have just one beauty product with me, you know which product that would be? It would hands-down be a mascara! Yes ladies, this magic wand has to be the most underrated beauty product that deserves some lovin’.

A mascara is that one powerful tool that can literally add life to your eyes. And hey, aren’t the eyes supposed to be the window to one’s soul? Then damn right, you gotta make ’em peepers look hella good, and a mascara does just that!

You probably think I’m over exaggerating the goodness of this beauty essential. But honestly, a mascara, just like a lipstick, is such a versatile product and can be used in so many ways! Don’t believe us? Why don’t you watch our #HauteSquad show you how to make use of this genius product.

From adding volume to your lashes to fixing a dry mascara, this video will change your mascara game for life.



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