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15 Skincare Products You Should Invest In That Will Have Everyone Saying ‘Kitna Glow Kar Rahi Ho’

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We are 3 months into this lockdown and I have exhausted all the activities I could think about. I made doughnuts, jalebis, done my makeup, and listened to my Nani talk about how I should get married. Now, I just have to get my wedding clothes in order and obviously a groom. Plus, maybe achieve emotional maturity. *cries in a corner*.

There is no going out for anyone now so wearing clothes or makeup doesn’t really make sense. I just wear the same two dresses for 3 days straight. I mean what’s the point of dirtying more clothes, anyway? It’s not like anyone is judging or as if I care if they do. Also, we are all doing chores ourselves, so if we can deal with our own clothes, it’s better.

While staying indoors and not touching my face at all because of my paranoia of somehow infecting myself with COVID-19 I stopped taking care of my skin…until recently. I touched my face and it felt rough, bumpy and dry. I realised this was because of me giving up on my skincare routine since I stopped going out. In fact, I barely even got out of my couch. I decided to get back to my skincare routine, mainly because I don’t have much else to do and the products were lying around. And it also helps me waste my time and keeps me away from all the negativity. Here’s what I used and I am in love now. You see that glow? That’s not the sun, that’s my skin.

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This product is amazing for people with oily skin but that’s not the only thing it does. This night gel helps clear all your scars, hydrates and also nourishes your skin for that natural glow!


Cetaphil is known to have the best skincare products and this is one of them. I religiously use this and it doesn’t make my skin feel dry. If anything, it moisturizes and keeps my skin soft for the rest of the day. If only I had somewhere to go to where people could enjoy compliment this gorgeous skin.

Okay,  I don’t know what it is about this product, but it’s just magic. The serum helps your skin regain its glow making you look younger. I look about 16 right now. No, really.

We all know that the skin under the eye is more sensitive than the rest of the face. So, what better than a product infused with haldi to brighten and moisturise your under eye? Farsali’s haldi eyes is a cult favourite and I highly recommend adding this product to your skincare routine. Something has to undo all those Netflix binges.

This body scrub helps in making sure that your body gets rid of grime, dullness, redness, and even a tan. It also exfoliates dead skin and gets rid of blackheads. I am totally kissing goodbye to all the impurities on my body.

This product is my holy grail. I have tried multiple detanning products and none worked, but this one did in a jiffy. As soon as I used it, I could see the difference. I would really recommend this to anyone who has an issue with their tanned skin. It’s organic and effective.

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The capsules in this serum are made out of immortelle flower oil that is known to be immortal. It helps in stimulating skin microcirculation and increases collagen synthesis for firmer, smoother skin. It’s meant for all skin types and for healthier more radiant-looking skin. Now, age is really just a number.

L’oreal’s Pure Clay Mask is known to be everything good. From brightening your skin to tightening your pores, this one does it all. This multitasking mask is a bonus for your skincare routine.


This gel-cream is literally like water for your skin. It helps hydrate your skin while instantly cooling and refreshing it. You can also bid adieu to your pores.

Pesky pimples make an appearance every now and then and I’m sure you can relate to that struggle. But pomegranate is know to fight the bacteria and pimples and keep them away. This sheet mask does exactly that while also softening your skin.

A glittering mask that screams fun while also giving your skin the TLC it deserves. Plus, it’s got glitter and it sucks the gunk and grime right out of your skin. I love.

I have managed to find skincare products that are infused with gold and glitter. This one is my absolute favourite because of the gold mostly and also because it helps my skin look super glow-y which is always a good thing.


We know you are only leaving the house to get some groceries, but you still need to wear sunscreen. I totally recommend this one because it doesn’t make your skin oily or it isn’t greasy either. Oh, and it doesn’t leave a white cast, so that’s amazing too.

This essential oil helps to revive the skin, cleanses pores, gets rid of pigmentation, and gives you that natural and healthy glow. It’s best used with a face roller to allow the goodness to seep into the skin so everyone asks you what you’ve been doing and you can just shrug and be like, ‘Really? Nothing different.”

Want to get rid of dullness instantly? Look no further because Glamglow’s Mega Illumination Moisturiser is here to take care of that. This creamy product is infused with hyaluronic acid, botanicals, vitamins and pear particles to make skincare fun! And make you look like a glow-y goddess

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