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10 Simple Hacks To Sweat-Proof Your Makeup This Summer

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The sun is shining, and summer is here! While you are out in your flirty sundress, sipping on refreshing cocktails, don’t let the devious sun become a hindrance as you soak in some Vitamin D!

The heat and humidity have their downside for sure, causing your hair to get frizzy and your makeup to bleed. But all you need are a handful of beauty tips to prevent that.

Here are our favourite beauty hacks to sweat-proof your makeup, and make it last longer.

1. Wash Well

Washing your face is essential for seamless makeup application. Make sure you take off any residue oil or product from your skin, otherwise it could prevent your makeup from staying in place. Always start with a fresh base. If you have oily skin, make sure you use an oil-free face wash.

2. Primer

Never skip primer! Before applying any makeup, make sure you apply primer. A primer forms an excellent base for your makeup to stick and last longer. Make sure you pick a lightweight, breathable primer.

3. Matte Makeup

While we are all for dewy glowing skin with creamy makeup, for summer, we recommend matte makeup. Matte foundations are readily available in the market and create a flawless oil-free base that lasts long.

4. Avoid Layering

Never make the mistake of thinking that layering your makeup will make it last longer. It only makes your makeup look cakey, and your skin feel heavier, which is the last thing you want in the scorching heat.

4. Apply Powder On Your Face

We know this is not the first time you are hearing this, but the step is so vital, we could not skip it. Powdering your face prevents your makeup from creasing, and helps it stay in place longer.

Pro tip: Applying loose powder before foundation also helps your foundation last longer in the summers.

5. Use blotting sheets

For those of you who have oily skin, this hack works wonders. When you apply makeup, it tends to become greasy and shiny, especially in the T-Zone. Simply whip out oil blotting sheets, and lightly tap on all the areas of your skin that tend to get oily. Voila! Oil-free skin in seconds.

6. Opt for a waterproof formula

Panda eyes are never a good look. To prevent your fluttery lashes from drooping, and your mascara from streaking down your face, opt for a waterproof one.

7. Seal it in

A setting spray will be your bestie during summer. Once you are done with your makeup, seal that work of art in with a setting spray to make it last all day long. These also provide a refreshing hydrating boost! True summer saviour!

8. Opt for lip stains

Though lipsticks are more pigmented and deposit more colour on your lips, opt for a lip stain during summer. Lip stains are lighter, and can also double up as blush!

9. Use Silicone Makeup

Though silicone makeup is not considered to be the best and there is much fuss created over the potentially negative effects of silicone on the skin, the polymer increases the longevity of the foundation on steamy days.

10. Top your liner up with shadow

Just how you top your creamy foundation with powder, similarly, use eyeshadow in the same colour as your liquid or gel liner to set it in place.

And, always remember, less is more! Now go, soak in that beautiful sun, and get yourself a gorgeous summer glow!


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