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This One Thing Might Be The Reason Your Friends Are Staying Away From You

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We all need friends that will stand with you through thick and thin. Those that have your back. The ones who will tuck you in bed after a night out of fun, those that will be on the other line as you sob your way through your breakup story, those that turn up with food when you are PMSing. And let’s admit it, most of those friends, we find in school. So reunions are always fun and always exciting. Now while everyone will have a lot of memories from the good ol’ days, you know about the fun times you guys shared. But even the best of friends might not be able to broach a touchy topic like that of body odour.

Even when it’s winter, you could be sweating under the many layers of clothing you have on and you don’t want to assault you friend’s nostrils. Yes, you might think you aren’t sweating because it’s winters. But the truth is, under all the sweaters and jackets, you could be sweating! In fact, if you notice people drifting away, avoiding hugs and the like, maybe you should consider winter odour. It’s a real thing.

If you want something gentle and one that will protect your skin, we recommend the Nivea Roll-on deo. And this video shows you exactly how things would pan out if you don’t wear deo! Turn to Nivea!


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