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Winter Care

5 Essential Winter Hacks Every Girl Needs To Know

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Winters are all about snuggles and cuddles. Of cute winter movies and endless cups of hot chocolate. The cold season is also about bringing out all the woollens, of sharing warmth and the like. And then of course, come the not-so-cool bits like dry skin. And layers of clothing. And having to think multiple times before getting out of bed because it’s just so cold.

While winters are cold (duh!) there are a few things you can do to make it more comfortable for you. Hacks that will help you sail through the not-so-great things about winter. Read up to know more.


Take Lukewarm Showers

It may be very tempting to spend hours in a hot, scalding shower during the winters. You come out exuding steam yourself, practically. But those can rob your skin of moisture and leave it drier than before. Take lukewarm showers instead, these won’t strip your skin off the natural oils.

Smell Nice

Most of us think sweating is a summer thing when the sun is out and scorching. But winter odour is a real problem. When you are wearing layers of clothing, the sweaters and the jackets, you are probably sweating inside. And so that you don’t drive people away, we recommend a nice, fresh smelling roll on. We particularly like this Nivea one that has no alcohol so your skin won’t feel dry and you still smell fresh. Hugs for everyone!


Tea For Chapped Lips

Most of us have a lip balm tucked away in the pocket during winters. Chapped lips are never pretty and sometimes, they hurt. If your lips need more TLC than the lip balm can provide, use tea bags. Once used, place the tea bags on your lips and leave it on there for a bit. The tannins in tea can help your skin heal. Say hello to juicy lips.


Almond Oil For Nails

They are probably going to be hidden under gloves but your hands do need love during the harsh winter months. And since they need intense moisturisation, you end up investing in heavy duty creams. Switch that for almond oil instead. Your cuticles will thank you and your hands are soft and lovely.


Sock Up

Dry winter skin shows up specially starkly on the feet. The feet look like they are dry, cracked and you want to hide them under shoes. A great way to keep your feet moisturised and looking healthy is to apply a heavy moisturiser and put on some warm socks. You feet will thank you!


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