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Women Reveal What’s In Their Bags!

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You know what they say, right? You should never open a woman’s purse. Basic courtesies and the like. But honestly, I think women don’t want people to go through their bags because there are a lot of secrets in there. Things that will be out in the open that are better kept away from the eyes of others, mums included. Come on, we have all stashed our shopping in our bag when it was too expensive to justify to mum. Or shoved our heels in there when that stiletto started to become a really bad idea in the middle of the club.

But in this video, we had a bunch of women invite us into their bags, literally, and now we know a little more about them. About some of them, we know a little too much. There may or may not be some cat obsessions involved. There may be some concerns about people’s cleaning habits. But it’s also a lot of fun. Watch it and let us know what you think!

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