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Dear Acne, Here’s Why You Can’t Control Me Anymore!

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Dear Acne,

I really hope you aren’t doing well, ’cause when you are, you’re a massive pain in my butt (actually my face, but you get the point). You came as a sign of puberty and growth when I turned 14, and although I really wasn’t pleased by your guest appearance, I figured that you would eventually make a quiet exit from my life.

Unfortunately, you turned out to be that annoying guest who squatted and practically took over my life. I know mehmaan bhagwan hote hai and all, but then again, you lost your mehmaan status when you decided to stay permanently.

You’ve had multiple personalities, cystic being the bane of my life. You decided to show your presence at the worst times — before my birthday, on my prom night, literally an hour before that important date. More than the physical pain you caused, it was the emotional strain that drove me crazy.

Somehow your appearance gave people the right to comment about my skin and for some weird reason, “pimple hata diye jaaye” was their sole mission. Seriously, it was like they all gained an expertise in dermatology!

You and your family were why I would hide behind my hair, a makeup mask, or even the dark. You made me so conscious of my flaws that I began feeling not-so-beautiful — I became insecure over something I couldn’t control.

Eventually I grew up! It took me a lot of time and half of my self-esteem to realise that I cannot let a measly ol’ bump control me. It took a lot of effort and a whole lot of understanding to figure it out, but I am glad I did.

You had no right to take control — I mean seriously, have you even seen your size? Why should I base my notion of beauty on an ugly, trivial thing like you. You did have the power to control what people said, but then again I had the power to choose to ignore it.

So as I stand here at 24, with you popping up on my cheek once again, I want to say, “Screw you.” Sorry I gave you so much credit and allowed you to control how I feel! I’m stripping you off your privileges, coz you’re just a pimple… nothing more!

Every girl who gave you way too much of herself for way too long.


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