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Meet One Of India’s OG YouTube Stars, Sherry Shroff!

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She’s Youtube’s sweetheart, one of the OG creators of India’s YouTube, and her energy is infectious! We are talking about Scherezade Shroff, or as we know her, Sherry Shroff. And there’s no stopping this girl! She’s got 3 channels, 4 video uploads a week and lots more. We caught up with our Hautestepper and she took us behind the scenes. From what she was doing before YouTube (you’ll be surprised!), her journey to success, and what it’s like to influence lakhs of subscribers.

With so much content being created by Sherry, you’d think you’d know almost everything about her life. When you watch this, you’ll know that’s a far cry from the truth. In fact, what you know is only the surface!

Watch this and discover a whole new side to her!

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