Indian Man Sexually Harassing Korean Woman On Live Stream Proves Mardo Ne Laaj, Sharam Bech Khayi Hai!

Penis-owners have become too audacious!
Indian Man Sexually Harassing Korean Woman On Live Stream Proves Mardo Ne Laaj, Sharam Bech Khayi Hai!

As a woman, nothing scares me more knowing that I am never safe wherever I go. Earlier, dark alleyways and deserted streets were women were not safe, but these days, entitled penis owners cannot keep it in their pants even in crowded places. Their audacity seems to be increasing day by day as men have now begun to molest and sexually harass women on camera! If you have access to social media, you will know what I am talking about. A Korean woman was live-streaming in Hong Kong and an Indian man came up to her and molested her. Now, these predatory penis owners are not even scared that they are being recorded? How audacious have they come and where does this leave women’s safety at?

As you can see in the video, this woman was live-streaming her stay in Hong Kong when this man comes up to her, pressed himself against her and was also heard saying something even though he was inaudible. The woman was visibly shocked and on the verge of crying when the man did not get away despite her resistance. He also groped her and later walked away in the other direction.

This incident raises the question of whether are women ever safe anywhere. We cannot travel alone at night or take a cab without sharing our live location and the cab’s details with our dear ones, we cannot wear what we want, and now we cannot even roam around freely in broad daylight. How much worse will get for women? How what will it take for these men to keep themselves on a leash? How many more women will have to be molested before this even stops?

It made my skin crawl seeing that man do the horrendous thing he did with that Korean woman. I could not even watch that video in its entirety because I started imagining myself in her position. It is unfathomable what that woman experienced. The Indian man has been identified as Amit and he works at an Indian restaurant called Rajasthan Rifles in Hong Kong.

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But arresting the man is not enough, is it? Arrests don’t scare these predators anymore. They need to be paraded naked around because these men clearly like to put their masculinity on display because they cannot keep it in their pants. Or better yet, they need to be handed over to women who will beat the crap of them. There needs to be an extreme example set in society because now is not the time to be lenient and diplomatic.

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