Explained: Why Twitter Is Calling Out Indian Athlete Swapna Barman’s Transphobic Comment On Nandini Agasara

Some people supported her too!

The Indian athletes are making the country proud at the Asian Games in Hangzhou. While India’s medal tally is increasing each day, a new controversy has sparked a debate on social media. It all started after the Indian athlete, Swapna Barman posted a tweet claiming that she lost her bronze medal to a transgender woman, Nandini Agasara, who is also an Indian athlete. The now-deleted post has already caught everyone’s attention and many people have expressed their strong disappointment at such a transphobic comment by a senior athlete.

The controversy between Swapna Barman and Nandini Agasara started on October 2, after the former appealed for fair play through a social media post which has now been deleted. In the tweet, Swapna wrote that she had lost against a transgender woman and called it a breach of rules. In the tweet, the Indian athlete also demanded the medal that she had lost to her compatriot Nandini Agasara. Swapna lost to Nandini by only  4 points, as the former’s score was 5708 while the latter scored 5712. The Gold medalist in the Jakarta Asian Games 2018 also urged her fans and people to support her to get the medal back and also made a hashtag of protest fair play.

While many people tried to justify Swapna’s claims, there were many other Twitter users who strongly voiced their opinions against the transphobic comment by a gold medalist. They expressed their disappointment with the athlete and some also called it a lack of sportsmanship. Twitter, however, remained divided on this issue and some of them demanded separate events for women and transgender by citing biological differences between them, Here are some of the tweets from people who found Swapna’s claims kaafi problematic.

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These were the tweets that defended and supported Swapna’s claims.

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