Content Creator Files FIR Against Man Who Asked Her “Rate” In Now-Deleted Video, Kusha Kapila Lends Support

Kahan se aate hain ye ladke?

The Internet is filled with bad people, and the majority are men! Well, bad is literally an understatement for them! These men take the liberty to shame women on public platforms in the name of “content”. A horrible incident recently happened with content creator Saumya Sahni. A  social media user Manan Khatri made an edited video of the creator in which he asked a demeaning question to her! Saumya Sahni immediately filed an FIR against him and he took down the video from his social media handle. However, a Reddit user shared it on the platform to criticise the man’s action. Kusha Kapila also wrote a lengthy note in support of Saumya.


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A user on Reddit shared the problematic video made by content creator Saumya Sahni. In this video, the man took a video by Saumya and edited it. He literally says “Rate toh bata?”(What is your price) at the end of this edited video. These sick men think that shaming a woman in their content makes it funny, and it will not be surprising if 10 more men in the comment section are praising him. However, Saumya Sahni reported the video and he took down the video immediately. Saumya also shared a screenshot of his apology message, in which he wrote that the video was made with the “purpose of entertainment.” In this message, the man also asked Saumya to take back her stories about him as his intentions were not to harass her. In response to this, the content creator bashed the man for labelling a woman as ‘Prostitute’ in public!

I guess this the video the asshole made which saumya reported
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Influencer and actress Kusha Kapila came in support of Saumya Sahni and praised her for taking a brave step in this situation!

Manan Khatri’s apology message to Saumya is so stupid. With the sole purpose of entertainment? Like seriously? And who is laughing at such problematic jokes and getting entertained by them? Did he not think about the woman before making or posting the video, and the kind of harassment she would be subjected to on the online forum? Who gave him the right to use other creator’s content to make one for himself? The level of insensitivity and ignorance shown by some men on social media makes me angry! Is he so aloof from the real world that he couldn’t foresee the reactions to his actions, and the kind of problems it would create for the woman? Saumya Sahni has set a strong example with her response in this situation, and men like him need to know the right consequences of their actions!

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