8 Different Types Of Orgasms Women Can Have

8 Different Types Of Orgasms Women Can Have

You know, how they show almost every woman having an orgasm the same way in the movies? Well, that’s not how things happen in real life, in case you haven’t figured it out already. Not only do orgasms feel different for every woman, but every woman also needs different kinds of stimulation. Women can not only have multiple orgasms but they can also have different types of orgasms. It can be a different experience for every woman. The vaginal orgasm is not the only kind of orgasm women have. So, if you’re wondering what that amazing feeling you felt was, here are some different types of orgasms women experience.

1. Vaginal Orgasm

When the magic spot aka G-spot inside the vagina is stimulated via fingering or penetration, it is known as a vaginal orgasm. These are felt deeper in the body. Some women often squirt during a vaginal orgasm but it’s not very common.

2. Clitoral Orgasm

Hidden between the vulva is the clitoris aka clit. Clitoral stimulation can often lead to a tingling sensation along the skin and in your head. But always remember to be gentle with the clitoris as it is extremely sensitive. Never rub it like it’s Aladin’s magical lamp because no genie is coming out of it.

3. Anal

Not many of us know this but anal stimulation can also lead to an orgasm known as the anal orgasm. While anal stimulation is not something everyone is comfortable with but it’s one you should definitely try. The anus and rectum are very close to the vagina and the clitoris and share a lot of nerve endings and muscles.

4. Vaginal Clitoral Big O

When the G-spot and the clitoris are stimulated simultaneously, it can lead to a big O called the vaginal clitoral orgasm. It is also known as the blended orgasm and can include vaginal, clitoral and anal stimulation. TBH, this kind of big O can be pretty intense.

5. Multiple O’s

While it’s not easy to achieve multiple oohhs and ahhs from a woman, it is an art that some people manage to perfect over the years. When a woman experiences a series of orgasms over a short period (in one session of sex or stimulation) it is called multiple orgasms.

6. Pressure Or Relaxation Orgasms

Sexual activity can make one feel relaxed and this too can help you achieve the big O. A pressure or relaxation orgasm is when you orgasm during sex due to indirect stimulation caused by pressure or deep relaxation.

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7. Erogenous Zones Stimulation

The human body has some erogenous zones like the nipples, ears around the neck and such. Continuous stimulation of these erogenous regions can lead to pleasure and result in an orgasm in some cases.


8. Coregasm

Did you know that a woman can also orgasm while working out? Some women orgasm while running, doing core workouts or even while practising yoga. Such orgasms are known as coregasm as well.

Happy orgasming, girls!

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