7 Dating Tips For Introverts From An Introvert!

Introverts, read this!
7 Dating Tips For Introverts From An Introvert!

There are three kinds of people- extroverts, introverts and ambiverts. Well, among the three, introverts do struggle a lot to express themselves because it’s difficult for them to open up. Now, you can only imagine how impossible dating might be for them. In today’s time, when people are only attracted to someone who is outgoing and fun, introverted people get the pressure of being one of them. But well, nobody should ever change themselves entirely, especially for dating, because their personality can appeal to somebody too. And here are some dating tips from an introvert that can definitely help my fellow introverts feel more comfortable and themselves even around new people.

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Since I am also an introvert, I know how difficult it is to initiate conversations. But well, we do feel more confident when we have some known people around. So instead of going out alone with your partner, plan something fun with a group of mutual friends or maybe double dates! Coz you know introverts kinda hate the spotlight on them! 

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If mutual friends aren’t an option then instead of planning your date in a restaurant, pick up some kind of activity with your partner. Something that does not put pressure on just having conversations on your first few meetings. Plan something that keeps both of you busy and you don’t get the time to “Overthink”. For instance, you can go to good comedy shows, plays, and maybe some painting sessions. Nowadays, you are never going out of options!

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Make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes so you don’t have an extra thing to bother yourself with, right? 

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It is very important to always choose a familiar place for your first meeting so you are confident and don’t lose your calm!

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Being an introvert, I feel it’s always better to let the other person know about that. So maybe he or she can make the conversations easier for you. And trust me, if they are really interested in knowing your personality, they will put in the effort.

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Introvert, don’t burden yourself with the pressure of impressing your date on the first meeting. Initiate conversations you are comfortable having or maybe are more interested in. Gradually, it will work out if it has to!

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Always keep your backup ready in case you just want or aren’t enjoying that date at all. Let your bestie know about it so they are there to hear you out!

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Also, I know how we introvert love to live in our own dream worlds, having beautiful imaginations about our dating life but well, let’s face it, reality is different. But please don’t worry about rushing into relationships because others have partners. Everything falls into place eventually. And when you meet the right person, opening up to them might not be as difficult as you think. So hold on!

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