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Women Reveal What Finally Being With The Right Guy Feels Like

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There are just some things I feel really proud of, making money isn’t one of them unless I can count my clothes and the money I spend on alcohol as sound investment. But personal growth is something I can vouch is looking bright for me. I belong to a generation that wears emotional damage like a badge of honour and intrigue. Oh, how fascinating is the story of a man or a woman, scared of love and how they meet the love of their life, who breaks their walls down. Interesting but can we stop subconsciously wishing for a movie-like romance? Are you waiting for the right guy? You don’t have to complicate your lives, break several hearts on your journey to finding your remarkable love saga. I have had my share of romances and breakups but I refuse to become cold-hearted or give up on love.

Real-life love stories feel much different in the sense there’s a lot less drama and a lot more security and peace. It’s not about finding someone who thrills you with his hands grazing your thighs as you return from a night out of getting drunk and stuffing your face with fries. True love isn’t about someone who keeps you on your toes, wondering where you stand in his life, what his intentions are.

For me, love is feeling at home with someone. I’d like to marry a guy who is my best friend and lover. That means we tease each other, confide in each other and truly care for each other. But it also means that we are passionate about each other. That’s how I see love and hopefully, when I find the one, this is how I’ll feel.

So when a user took to Reddit to ask other women what being with the right guy feels like, the answers just re-affirmed my belief in love.

He’ll be your best friend

“We’ve been married for 17 years, been together like…idk, 20ish. He’s my best friend on the entire planet,” a woman wrote. She went on to explain how thankful she is to have someone to do life with her. “Communication is great and important and whatnot, but the whole insane levels of trust and security, where you just like know in your bones that you aren’t “doing life” by yourself anymore, permanently,” she further writes. “That’s legit,” she concludes.

Another woman said how he really knows her in and out but would never step the line. “He is my person, he knows every square inch of my soul, never used my skeletons against me, slaps my ass when I walk past him sometimes and always makes sure I’m keeping hydrated…… But is SO forgetful, I could strangle him sometimes,” she wrote. She further adds that no matter what he is her best friend and she loves him. “It ain’t always gumdrops and rainbows but our connection makes my confident that I will never ever face anything in life alone and I will always have a built in best friend and lover. I love the shit out of him but I also really like him as a person,” she expressed.

The right guy will choose you…every single time

It doesn’t matter how rough things get. It doesn’t even matter if one or both of you are annoying. You will be a team and choose each other! “We were very close friends and I loved our friendship, I didn’t really see him romantically at all- then he kissed me out of the blue and in that moment I thought “yep, it’s over”. 2 kids and ten years in and there have been some ROUGH times but he chooses me, I choose him. Over and over, again and again,” a woman explained. That’s definitely the right guy.

The right guy will not make you feel insecure

Unless you have abandonment issues, you won’t be uncertain of your standing in his life or whether it will last or not. “We’re now 6 years deep, engaged (would have been married last year but covid rained on our parade and I respect his wishes for wanting a real wedding, not just a piece of paper, neither of us are fearful of the other running off so it’s never been a big stress, more of a milestone) a few months away from buying our first house, and expecting our first child (a baby girl) come March. Our relationship is far from perfect, but I know there is no one else I’d like to battle the great fight of life with,” a woman wrote.

You wouldn’t want anyone else (if you’re into monogamy!)

It’s okay to find someone attractive. But you wouldn’t want to go on seeking others. You will be content in your relationship. “In previous relationships, I always wondered, “Is this who I’m happy with? What would it be like to be with someone else?” I even developed crushes on people outside of my relationship (though never pursued them!),” a woman wrote.

She added, “With my husband now, I’m not even remotely interested in anyone else. I’ll see someone attractive and think, “They’re aesthetically pleasing,” but no longer do I have the Curiosity of being with another person.” Yes, that’s how the right guy will make you feel.

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There’ll be closeness in space

“For most of my life I confused lust, infatuation, and crushes for love. My husband is honestly NOT a person I would have picked for myself. (he knows that lol),” a woman revealed. She further said, “We were friends, the love just crept in. I have always been myself around him, vs trying to like what he likes or do/say things I think my SO wanted me to.”

I think because they are so secure, they give each other space. “We make it work, and honestly, we keep each other pretty level. I think it works best because we are our own people, and our lives don’t revolve around each other…but also, we want the world for the other person. It’s weird and hard to explain,” she wrote.

The right guy clearly exists. I think the wrong ones we met may become the right ones to someone else, at a different time in their lives. We are constantly evolving. Who knows, the one for me is probably still with his Janice and I am still seeking Richards.

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