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What Your Favourite Sex Position Says About You

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I believe we can get to know a lot about a person without actually asking them direct questions. That is if we pay enough attention to the little things they like and do. In fact, it works the other way as well. If you ask me whether my best friend will like a certain outfit, I can give a precise response. At this point, I think she even knows what kind of men I like and what’s my romance style. I really don’t know how; it’s not like we discuss our sex lives. Okay, we do – all best friends do – but not in so much detail. But here’s the thing – the sex positions we swear by really do speak a lot about us. Even I knew just exactly what my bestie’s fav is! I guess women are just observant and intuitive when it comes to their loved ones.

Find out what your favourite sex position says about you and then compare it with your best friend. I bet this will make for a fun goss session! Take your pick and read on.


1) Missionary

You are the kind of a woman who likes to order a simple cappuccino in a menu full of exotic brews. A woman who likes her comfort, you enjoy subtle things and value old fashion romance in a world full of left swipes. You are someone who likes to stick to things you know best. I mean, it’s really difficult for a guy to go wrong with missionary!

2) Doggy

Doggy style and its variants are sex positions that feel raw and adventurous, just how you like it. This involves the guy entering you from behind. You feel a rush of adrenaline as you get down and dirty with your bae. You’re the kind who likes spontaneous plans, thrillers over rom coms and probably binge-watches Saavdhan India. You like a little drama, a lot of flirting, and don’t feel shy to express your attraction towards someone. You’d probably love kinkier territory with handcuffs, blindfolds, and a little bit of BDSM.

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3) Woman On Top

This position involves the lady to be on top, say like a Cowgirl. Unlike missionary, this position requires the woman to be active and be in control of the rhythm and pace. Which is great because you get to take charge of your orgasms. What does that make you? A go-getter, a boss babe! You like to lead and believe in openly communicating about your desires. You’re not the kind to beat around the bush and wait for the guy to take the initiative. You like it, you want it, you get it!

4) Lotus

This is a beautiful position wherein you sit on his lap facing him and wrap your legs around his hips. You both hug each other and you feel like you’re blooming! If this is your favourite sex position, then you’re someone who likes sex to be a soul-connecting experience. You enjoy foreplay more than penetration and the pleasure doubles up as you stare deep into each other’s eyes while you wrap your arms around his neck. Slow sex is made for someone like you!

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5) Edge of the bed

In this position, you’re lying on the edge of the bed (or table) and your legs are raised to reach his shoulders or waist. This allows for deeper penetration and unlike in missionary, there isn’t full-body contact. Someone who prefers this sex position likes their orgasms to be wild, explosive, and undisturbed. You want to fully absorb that feeling and have your own space to moan, curl your toes and grab the bedsheet as he begins to go harder and faster. You feel confident and comfortable with your man and have no issues being in full view as you make those orgasm faces. Honestly, at that point, you don’t even care.

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