What Is Economic Abuse? 9 Warning Signs You’re A Victim Of Financial Abuse In A Relationship

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What Is Economic Abuse? 9 Warning Signs You’re A Victim Of Financial Abuse In A Relationship

In relationships, money should be a team effort, not a problem. Sometimes, at the start, understanding your partner’s intentions can be confusing, making you question decisions. Economic abuse is when someone controls money to have power in a relationship. For instance, it’s often presumed that men are better with money, giving them control in relationships. This belief can create power imbalances and affect how money is managed. Here are a few simple signs to look for when considering economic abuse, that might mean your partner is messing with your money in a not-so-nice way.

Are They Telling You What To Do With Your Finances?

If your partner is overly controlling, telling you what you can and can’t buy, it’s not cool. Managing expenses and deciding how to spend should be a mutual decision. If they’re trying to be the boss of your wallet, it’s a sign something might be off.

Do They Question Your Financial Management Skills?

Do you feel like your partner is always whispering doubts about the way you handle money? Do they make you question if buying that cup of coffee was a bad idea? It’s not just about the coffee, it’s about making you doubt yourself with every money move. Considering that spending money is a necessity at times, your partner making you question each one of your expenses is a huge red flag!

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Do They Keep Money Secrets?

In a good relationship, there are no secret money missions. If you and your partner discuss your money and expenses openly, there shouldn’t be a reason for either of you to keep any money matter a secret. If your partner is keeping secrets or not telling you where the cash is going, it’s like they’re hiding something. That’s another red flag to watch out for!

Do They Use Your Name To Get Into Money Troubles?

Imagine finding out that your partner has been using your name to get into money trouble, like racking up debt on your credit card. It’s not fair, and it messes up your finances. Using your name to make any kind of transaction has to be talked about between the two thoroughly. If not, that’s a sign something shady might be happening.

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Do They Purposely Keep You Out Of Your Finances?

In a team, everyone should know the game plan. If your partner keeps you out of the loop on important money stuff, like bills and accounts, it’s like they’re leaving you in the dark. Getting to know about issues in these things later can make it into an unsolvable problem for you. As a couple, if they feel the need to know your expenses and money matters, it is necessary to give you an in on the important financial stuff!

Are They Controlling Your Finances?

If your partner assumes undue control over your financial matters, dictating how money is spent and managing your finances without mutual agreement, that’s concerning. A healthy financial partnership involves joint decision-making on expenses, not one-sided control.

Do They Use Their Control Over Your Finances To Control You?

When money becomes a tool for control in a relationship, it’s a concern. If your partner uses their financial authority to dictate spending and other aspects of your life, it’s an issue. Women often feel restricted, and unable to pursue their desires, as their partner takes charge of both household and financial matters, even if the money is originally earned by the woman. This dynamic limits personal freedom and autonomy.

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Do They Give You Pocket Money From YOUR Salary?

If your earnings are treated like an allowance, it’s definitely a red flag. Do you have to ask for it and explain why you need money each time like a child to his parents? Society often thinks men are better with money, putting them into the position of authority. Many times, women give all their money to the household and struggle to get a bit for ghar ke kharche. Meanwhile, the man’s money is rarely questioned. This unequal practice challenges financial freedom and needs open communication for a fair partnership.

Do They Ask You To Explain Where You Spent YOUR Money?

Keeping a diary to track your finances is a good habit that helps manage money effectively. However, in a relationship, if only one person is asked to track their spending, it indicates a lack of trust in their partner’s financial decisions. It suggests a belief that the person may not make the right choices when spending their own money.

Money should be a smooth part of a relationship, not a source of stress. If you notice these signs, it’s time to talk about it. Making sure both of you are on the same page when it comes to money matters. At the end of the day, it’s your hard-earned cash, and you deserve a say in how it’s handled.

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