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Study Finds The Kind Of Power Balance Happy Couples Have In Their Relationship

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When I was younger, most of my friends were either single or in relationships that weren’t likely to last. Now that I am older, I am at a stage where many of my closest friends are either married or in a serious relationship or looking for one. Owing to my fascinating with human connections, I often observe the kind of power distribution couples share. In some, there is a clear imbalance. However, I have personally observed that couples who feel their opinions and preferences matter are so much more in sync than the others. In fact, it’s beautiful how these couples successfully build a life that is free from chaos and has its foundation in comfort and shared values.

According to a recent study, the happiest couples have “a high sense of personal power.” By personal power, they mean to say that you have the authority to make decisions about things that are relevant to your relationship. Happy couples don’t feel like one person is leading the way, calling the shots and the other person’s opinions don’t matter.

The researchers studied participants in the age group of 18 to 71 and asked them questions about the level of trust they feel, sexual satisfaction, whether they feel oppressed and how committed they are, etc. The study researchers also analysed the actual and perceived power the participants felt in the relationship.

However, it’s not like each person will have equal power in every aspect. Researchers found that it’s okay for partners to have their own areas of expertise or something like that. Say, we may go for my partner’s choice of movie but my choice of restaurant for dinner. Maybe he is better at planning financial investments and I am better at making wise spending decisions.

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Either way, both partners should feel the power to be able to make decisions for their shared life. Such couples are the happiest and share a healthy relationship.

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