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5 Romantic Things To Do With Your Boyfriend That Are Not Cheesy

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Deep, deep down, we all want romance. Unfortunately, the 90s music, Archies cards and rose bouquets, have made us associate romance with cheesy things that make us cringe. But, hey… romance doesn’t always mean candle-lit dinners and expensive presents! Here are 5 romantic things that you can do with bae that are not cheesy!


1. Do a tech detox

Switch off your phones, set aside your laptops, and forget that you own a T.V. Tune out of all the tech around you, and tune in to each other!


2. Blast some music, pop open a bottle of wine, and cook a meal… TOGETHER

He chops, you stir. Aren’t you getting wet already?


3. Take a quick weekend trip

Every city has some picturesque location, or a fancy resort just a couple of hours’ drive away. Get a weekend away with bae!


4. Go for a swim

Who needs a beach when you can get an evening poolside at a hotel in your city? You don’t need an expensive vacation to show off that bikini bod!


5. Go for a long walk

We have forgotten the pleasure of a long, leisurely walk in the woods. Head to a local park and spend the evening strolling, and catching up.

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